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No Need To “Burn” Books Essay

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“The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame (Wilde).” Books are written to help the people who chose to read them, and to me they should have the right to choose the books they want to read. Even though some of the content may seem explicit, most people would agree that that is not the theme of the book. Authors chose to specifically put certain topics into their writing because they know what they want to show their audience. I believe Burned should not be banned from schools because it has great moral lessons to teach teenagers.
Burned is a story about a young teenage girl named Pattyn. Even though Pattyn has grown up in a strict religious Mormon environment, her family is very abusive. Her father drinks heavily and beats Pattyn’s mother for no reason, even when she’s pregnant. Pattyn’s life starts to spiral out of control with sex and drinking because she has no one at home who could help her. Soon enough her father finds out and punishes her by sending Pattyn to her aunt’s house. To her surprise her aunt’s house turns out to be more of a vacation. She finally has a loving home and someone to talk to. Pattyn even discovers true love with a boy who really cares about her. The problem becomes evident when it’s time for Pattyn to go back to her abusive household, where now she is the victim of her father’s violence.
Ellen Hopkins books have been a hot topic in lots of areas. Burned was censored in Pocatello Idaho, it was not available in bookstores or libraries. Because of the high population of Mormons in the area, the people believed they were being bashed. Not only Ellen’s books were censored, but so was her presence. She had a speech canceled in Okemos because parents believed her books were too graphic. The same story happened in a school located in New York. It seems like Ellen should be used to the rejections letters by now, but she doesn’t give up. She has given speeches in...

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