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You Don't Want Freedom: An Analysis Of Sal Paradise's Real Desires

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Jack Kerouac's *On the Road* follows Sal Paradise, the narrator, in his adventures across America around 1950. Sal's purpose for taking to the road was to seek out people with the characteristics of freedom and individuality to better his own persona but instead fulfilled the image that he was trying to escape from: another American following the typical "day in the life," living with a false sense of what the "American dream" really is Sal meets a friend early on, Dean Moriarty, whom Sal admires greatly for his seemingly careless attitude and sense for adventure. Dean seems likes the perfect travel companion for Sal, it's whom he wants to be more like. The journey starts off already ...view middle of the document...

He goes on to talk about how the entirety of his life has been like, what he has felt: "all my life I’d had white ambitions..." (Kerouac 180). Sal also blames his "white ambitions" for the loss of Terry, or, why he left her. In this case, he believes that the lifestyle of the Mexican workers around him to be much easier, simpler. What he doesn't factor into his assumption is proportions. Everything is proportional: what may seem hardship for one person might seem like busywork for another. Who's to say Sal won't simply grow bored of his new, non-Caucasian lifestyle once he somehow makes the change? Sal is partial in his thought process, not thinking about how a new life would be if he were to ever obtain one, not to mention contradictory towards the initial goals he set for himself of being free and without direction.

The novel captures a certain vision of what the American dream was believed to be in 1950s America. Being independent and full of energy could describe someone correctly pursuing the dream, in constant motion throughout the American surroundings. While discovering new places would fulfill the aspiration, Sal and Dean often found that there are fewer places not previously explored. They together needed to learn to accept that they aren't the first ones taking a road trip. Instead, the characters of the story bash those not going on the same journeys as them: people remaining stagnant in their living locations and building a legacy, establishing businesses, fabricating their wealth. Sal and Dean frown upon the aforementioned life choices they deem them too conventional and hinder the exploration of "underground America." Sal explains that he is only intrigued by people that are in love with living, in love with the thought of life and all of the adventure that it brings: "the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to...

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