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You Have To Smell The Ink

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“Turning the Page”, by Anna Quindlen is an interesting but relatable piece. As I read this essay over and over and over again, it took me a while to finally take a position. I’m still not 100% sure if I agree with her or not but she makes some very valid points. If you as the reader know me as a writer, you may already have figured out that I will straddle the fence. Based on her facts and supporting details, this is why I am straddling the fence when it comes to deciding whether e-books are better than paperback books.
In Quindlens’ essay she starts off by telling the reader a story from her past about seeing her name for the first time in ink in the Sunday paper and the first hard copy of her first book. She makes the statement that it may have not felt the same if she would just downloaded it from the internet. After reading that statement is where I began to straddle the fence on this position. Her statement is made from a writer’s point of view, not the consumers or readers. From a reader’s point of view, ink doesn’t have that effect on me because it’s not my life’s hard work. I didn’t write the book so seeing a hardback copy of a book that was written by someone else doesn’t affect me like it effects the writer. In my opinion, that’s where she lost the connection between her and the audience. If I were to stop reading the essay after this paragraph then I would still prefer e-books over paperback books.
Another interesting point that she made in this essay was when she was comparing the many types of media in paragraph two. Television was predicted to kill radio, as movies were predicted to kill live theater and last but not least, recorded music were meant to be the death of concerts. But if you really think about it, like she said, all these things are still around. None of the new types of media completely demolished the previous one. If anything they made the previous...

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