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You Are A Researcher Working On Data From The Epica Ice Core As Described In Epica.Csv. You Are Required To Write A Short Report That Presents An Analysis Of The Temporal Trends, Statistical Characteristics And Correlations Between Data Variables.

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4SSG1011 - Geographical Concepts Skills and MethodsAssignment 4Bianca Yung Nah Cheung103164726th March, 2012Figure 1: Time series of deuterium values (δD) from 50022B.P. to 129B.P. Data is collected from EPICA Dome C Ice Core, Antarctica.In figure 1, the deuterium value decreases slowly since 50022B.P. until slightly before 20257B.P., from -430dD to -440 dD. Then the figure sets off a sharp increase from slightly before 20257B.P. at -440dD until stabilising at -405dD in 12541B.P. A slight decreasing trend then occurs from this point in the graph.Figure 2: Time series of temperature difference ( C) from today between 50022B.P. and 129B.P. Data is derived from deuterium record of EPICA Dome C Ice Core, Antarctica.The time series of temperature difference in figure 2 has a linear relationship with the graph in figure 1, since each year's temperature difference from today in this research is derived from deuterium records because isotopic fractions of deuterium values are temperature-dependent. It has an overall decreasing trend from -7( C) in 50022B.P. until -9( C) in slightly before 20257B.P., then embarks on a sharp increase until reaching a sturdy level at -0.5( C) in 10012B.C. Periodicity for both time series range from 2000 years to 4000 years throughout the graphs.Figure 3: Time series of aeolian dust concentration (ppb) from 50022 years before 1950 to 129 years before 1950. Data is collected from EPICA Dome C Ice Core, Antarctica.In figure 3, the time series starts off sturdily and begins to rise from 50022B.P. until reaching the peak at 700(ppb) in 25123B.P., then it shows a sharp drop in the trend until showing a long tail from 15070 B.P. / n7187/full/nature06763.html 1: Descriptive statistics of deuterium values, temperature difference from present and mass of dust record from EPICA ice core Dome C, Antarctica



Standard Deviation

Deuterium Value (δD)




Temperature ( C)


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