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Running Head: YOU ARE AN INVESTORYOU ARE AN INVESTORYOU ARE AN INVESTORCoke vs. PepsiJeanne M. CatalanoStrayer UniversityAuthors NoteThis paper was prepared for ACC 557 Financial AccountingTaught by Dr. Benson KariukiYou are an Investor: Coke vs. PepsiQuenching your thirst is a part of everyday life. The human body needs rehydration like you need air to breathe. This concept of survival is capitalized on by leading brand names like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Through a myriad of products and creative marketing campaigns, consumers have nationalized these two brands. Each company has an array of products, a unique mission, and is highly commercialized on offering some of the best products on the market. Like a war between a brother and sister, both these brands have been waging a battle of the wits in the business world since inception. While many would think competition would decrease their market share it actually sparks innovation as each company moves to be sustained in years to come.Coca-Cola captivates the world with a very strong culture and mission. The website describes the company's purpose to inspire optimism, create value, make a difference, and to refresh the world (Coca-Cola Company [CCC], 2013). They have a five step philosophy called the five p's: people, portfolio, planet, profit, and productivity. Coca- Cola wants to create a networking alliance to formulate brands and move into the future. They believe in listening to the market and adjusting trends in order to satisfy needs. They want to become an amazing place to work inspiring innovation and developing leaders. They want to be a force in the environment be reactive to change, responsible for actions, and promote goodwill within the community (CCC, 2013). According to CCC (2013), "Our values serves as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world" (Live, 2013, line 1). Coca-Cola's overall culture is designed to shape the future, innovate leaders, inspire a nation, and bring a community together.Pepsi-Co, another leading brand name lives by a uniquely different culture. Simply put they want to become the world's predominant name in convenient foods and products and offer a healthy future for the community and the planet (Pepsi-Co Inc., [PCI], 2012). They want to be proud of the products they sell, have sustained growth in the industry, and be a company people can trust. Pepsi-Co has a culture based predominately on product and innovation with a healthy alternative. They believe growth in their company will motivate their employees to succeed and innovate (PCI, 2012). Pepsi-Co (2012) believes their responsibility is to "continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate - environment, social, economic - creating a better tomorrow than today" (Our Vision, 2012, para.1). Their main culture illuminates a concept called performance with purpose where they focus on achieving their business success while making a goodwill mark on society (PCI, 2012).Coke and...

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