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You Are Employed By A Uk Publisher To Work With Them On The Launch Of A Magazine. The Magazine Is To Be Launched In Eastern Europe, Including Russia And Will Be Particularly Targeted At The Children’s Market.

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Assignment Title You are employed by a marketing agency who has recently been asked by a UK publisher to work with them on the launch of a magazine. The magazine is to be launched in Eastern Europe, including Russia and will be particularly targeted at the children's market.You are required to produce a 2000 word report covering the following areas of concern:The company is aware that the landscape for global marketing is changing particularly for the children's market, why is this and how should this be incorporated in their marketing.(30 marks)The company has a print version of the magazine in the USA. Should the company adopt the same product strategy or differentiate according to the country. (30 marks)The company is thinking of entering the Russian market first. Advise whether this is an appropriate strategy and if so, what entry method should the company use? If you decide Russia is not suitable, then from undertaking some preliminary research, please suggest an alternative in the target area.(40 marks)The children's market is a large and a is varied area, and marketing to children can take place through television, print, radio, store advertising and promotions. Additionally, through the internet and new media.The definition of what is the children's market tends to vary between different countries. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as described by Vlakenburg, 2001), had defined the children segment of being between the age group of 0-12 years old. Children of this segment are described to be as Generation Z, who are 'born between 1996-present', are the main demographic being focused on ( Children of the age between 13-17 years old, may legally be seen as children, but are seen to be of an age group that have developed their critical behaviour in evaluating products as consumers, thus are excluded in this particular category.Appendix 1 shows the PESTLE analysis, which is a framework describing various factors that have affected the global children's market. These factors do not apply to every country. The Macro-environmental analysis found the key issues as being:The increasing changes occurring within family structures, can explain one part for the changes in the global children's market. (See appendix 1). Family's sizes are shrinking. This can be because of the rising living costs, lifestyles, employment etc. (, 2011). Also, due to the increase in divorces and lone parents which affects family units- 24% in 2004. (, 2006) Arguably, by having smaller families, it allows more spending power for families and their children. This has led to the increase of middle class families. Family size varies based on income (Churchill, 2009). Furthermore, an increasing number of women are delaying in having children at an older age, in pursuance of becoming financially secure or completing other life choices such as education. Consequently, the global population of children...

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