You Scream I Scream Essay

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Almost everyone has heard this children’s riddle before. Sometime during our life I’m sure this rhyme has become a reality. Sometimes cravings can overtake you, and on a hot, humid summer day it is highly likely that this will happen to you. However, you’ve lost your money that mom left you to get ice cream, or your dad doesn’t feel like going to the store to buy some. Lucky for you, in my family generation to generation has passed down the most heavenly recipe of all time… homemade ice cream. By this time, everyone in my family has nearly perfected the making of this cold treat, especially my grandpa. I will tell you what ingredients you need to make ice cream, then you will learn exactly how to mix it properly, and lastly you will learn the technique of using the machine to make you final product.
I will start by telling you what ingredients you will need to have in order to make this delight. You will need to have eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, half and half cream, and lastly milk. As you may notice, many of these ingredients can already be located in your household. That is what makes this recipe so great, it’s simple and cheap! Even though having the ingredients may seem like the most important part, it is not. It is essential that you get a generic ice cream maker. My grandfather bought the one I used many years ago at a hardware store. At the time they were very easy to find, nowadays it may be more difficult to locate one that is similar to the one I handled. All it looks like is a small plastic bucket with a metal circular tin that sits in the middle of it. Inside the metal tin will be a beater and a lid will come with it all to place on top of the inner container. If you cannot find something exactly like this, try to find something similar. Once you have all your ingredients and your machine, you are ready to begin mixing and making!
The second step in the ice cream making process is mixing all the ingredients following the instructions I was given by my grandpa. First thing you will need to do is round up all the ingredients. In a separate mixing bowl, you will need to mix together the four eggs and two and a fourth cups of sugar. After mixing these two things together very well, you may add the two tablespoons of vanilla...

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