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You See Them Everywhere. Unrealistic Looking Models That Make The

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You see them everywhere. Unrealistic looking models that make the average woman feel quite a bit less confident about her appearance. On every magazine, book cover, and in nearly every movie, women are portrayed as flawless specimens and the object of men's attention. I believe that it is damaging for women's self image for the media to promote the idealized woman instead of the real one.What is beauty? Can this word ever really be defined as an absolute when it means so many different things to so many different people? If you asked ten different people to define what beauty means to them, you would receive ten different answers. In a world as diverse as the one in which we live, why do women allow themselves to be dictated on how they should look? According to Doctor Saltzberg and Chrisler it is because, " films, television, and magazines have...helped standardize our vision of attractiveness" (Saltzberg and Chrisler, 26). I think that if it were not for the constant pressures that films, television, and magazines put women under, that women would not question their self worth nearly as much as they do. It is not a crime to be attractive, but the media tends to link beauty and thinness with happiness and success and it makes women, " measure themselves against an inhuman ideal" (Dittrich, 1). An example of an inhuman ideal are the extremely thin models that women are to often confronted with. This not only hurts women emotionally, but can also hurt them physically as well. One study it was found that, "exposure to idealized images lowered subjects satisfaction with their own attractiveness." Their results indicate that exposure to the thin ideal caused depression, shame, guilt, body dissatisfaction, and stress and a direct link between media exposure and eating disorders. (Dittrich, 2). Although a lower body image is one of the main affects of the media on women it is not the only one. Women's appeal to prospective mates is also lowered because of the media's effect on how men will view them.When men are, "bombarded with images of beautiful women it weakens their commitment to their mates" (Levine, 38). It has been scientifically proven by Doctor Sarah Gutierres and Doctor Douglas Kenrick that, "Judgments of attractiveness depend on the situation in which we find ourselves... a woman seems a lot less attractive than she is if the viewer has first seen a highly attractive women" (Levine, 38) For example if a man has first viewed a magazine, movie, billboard, or television show where highly attractive women are present then he will generally view the average looking woman as unattractive. To furthur illustrate my point, another example is a study conducted by Doctor Gutierres and Doctor Kenrick. Male dormitory residents were asked to rate the attractiveness of random women as potential blind dates. The women were previously rated as being of average attractiveness. However, if the men were watching an episode of, "Charlie's Angels" while viewing...

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