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Do You Think That Advertising Should Be Restricted? Why? What Form(S) Should This Restriction Take? Could Be A Speech

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Do you think that advertising should be restricted? Why? What form(s) should this restriction take?Advertising is beginning to dominate today's society, brainwashing young, vulnerable viewers. Advertising has and will affect everyone, whether it's a new facial wash on a TV advert or the latest mobile phone on a billboard, each uses the same manipulation technique to persuade the viewer. Advertising has always affected people of many ages in both positive and negative ways, so why is it only now that people are beginning to question it? Should advertising be restricted, and if so, to what extent, and who decides?Many people argue that brands, such as Adidas, or Nike are influencing children as young as seven to become brand conscious and materialistic, using idols and celebrities to advertise their product. Although, it is also said that children will, and always have asked for everything they see. Which is true, how many children do you know that can walk around the supermarket without asking for at least one thing? How will children see the product if it is not advertised, and is this a good thing?Young children look up to celebrities and older children, when these people are seen doing certain things, and dressed in a particular style, automatically the child wants to look/be like them. This factor is why you may see a nine year old girl walking down the street in a mini skirt and heels acting ten years older! However this does encourage the child to become more mature, and will benefit them and their surrounding peers, but it also encourages paedophilia. It can also be argued that if the parents don't mind their child dressing like this, then nothing can be done, after all, its is up to the parents what their child wears.One of the main factors that have caused this advertising concern is the increase in obesity within young children in the last five years. This is believed by many to be caused by the fact that major fast food companies, such as McDonalds are using...

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