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There Are Winners And Losers. That's The Way Of The World.

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As defined by the Collins Concise Dictionary, a winner is, "one who is successful, triumphant or victorious." A loser is, "one who is defeated or unsuccessful." There are winners and losers everywhere you look in the world. From the moment people and animals are born, they are winners or losers whether they like it or not. In sports and games, in order for someone to win, there must also be someone who loses.People and animals are winners or losers as soon as they are born. This is because no matter what, there will always be another person/animal better then them, making them a loser. This is shown in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, when the pigs are the winners simply because they are genetically smarter then the rest of the animals who are the losers because they are the less intelligent animals. They Pigs are winners because they have been 'successful' in being born into a more intelligent group of animals whereas the other animals have been 'unsuccessful'. Winners and losers are also found in the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque, the winners are those who have been placed into high ranking positions because they do not have to fight the war, whereas the common soldiers are the losers because they must face death everyday in the fight for survival. Being a winner or loser is not a choice that you can make, because you can be a winner in comparison to one person but a loser in comparison to another. Whether you are born smart or dumb, rich or poor or whether you are the hunter or the prey, you are still a winner or a loser because it is all part of how the world is.In all games and sports there must be a winner for there to be a loser. Winners and losers are seen all the time in sport. In all the sporting events today, for someone to succeed and win a...

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