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You Need To Present A List Of Pc Security Measures That Deal With Some Of These Other Possible Security Concerns. Give At Least Three Security Measures Of The Following Areas:

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Question 2a Physical protection of PCs and network devices.Lock the room at which the PCs and network devices are placed when you are away or out of the room for any period of time. If the computer contains sensitive information, it must be kept in a locked area.Also, using cable locks is another solution. Laptop cable locks are similar to the locks used on bicycles. A steel clip provided by the manufacturer is installed on a security slot, either on the back or side of the laptop. A steel cable is threaded through the clip and wrapped around an immoveable object, such as a desk leg or support pole. If the laptop does not contain a security slot or the desk does not provide a location for suitable anchorage, special adhesive pads containing an anchorage slot are available. The two ends of the cable are secured with a padlock. Cable locks are most effective when used in the office or home, where computers are rarely moved.Moreover alarms and motion detectors can also be used. These devices are more sophisticated physical security measures that alert owners when someone tampers with or tires to move a laptop. Products range from simple motion detectors, to sensors that detect the unplugging of cables, to high-pitch sirens that sound similar to car alarms. A transmitter installed in or attached to the laptop case maintains continuous radio contact with a mobile receiver carried by the user. If the laptop is moved beyond a set distance from the user, an alarm sounds on the laptop and the mobile unit alerts the owner.b. Protection of files and critical data.PC user should make regular backup of their critical data keep a copy of important files on removable media such as ZIP disks or recordable CD-ROM disks (CD-R or CD-RW disks). Use software backup tools if available, and store the backup disks somewhere away from the computer. It is because when the PC is destroyed, all data are loss. User can retrieve the critical data from else where.Besides, PC user should ensure that those critical data in the computer is adequately protected. For example, the important word document should add password to the file, so that others cannot open the word document without your password.Also, user can use encryption software to prevent from unauthorized access to the critical data. The user can encrypt the critical data by his/her public key. The encrypted data cannot be easily read by the others. People who have the user's private key can decrypt the data into a readable format.c. User access and authentication.Assume that there are many different users of one PC, it needs to aware of the user access. If there is more than one user, each person should use their personal login and password to access to the operating system. Each person should have different combination of login and password so that the other people cannot access to your personal desktop.Authentication tokens such as the Secure-ID from RSA Security and the DigiPass line from Vasco are common in...

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