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Anne Sexton, a poet who discovered her “poetic voice” as an adult, made works of poetry that focused on personal issues or works made specific to issues of women. Her poem “Young” portrays her work of personal issues. In this poem, she talks about how hard her life was when she was young. Sexton explains all the troubles in her life that can relate to most girls’ lives today in her poem. Some of these troubles include her parents being split up, being a lonely kid and other things that some girls have to deal with. Anne Sexton uses connotation, attitude and shift in the poem “Young” in order to illustrate the theme of suffering depression.

Connotation is just one of the literary devices Sexton uses in her poem “Young”. One example of how she uses connotation is when she says “a thousand doors ago”. This statement is saying that the poem is talking about her past, after she has been through many aspects of her life already, “the doors”. Another example of connotation in this poem is “my mother’s window a funnel of yellow heat running out”. In this statement, Anne Sexton is trying to tell the audience of how she sees her mom as warm and loving and that she can feel the warmth from outside. Finally, Anne Sexton says “thought God could really see the heat and the painted light” as another connotation. This statement is saying that she thought God would understand and see that she was struggling with her parents and with her life. Obviously, connotation is one important aspect that Anne Sexton uses in this poem to show the theme of suffering depression.

Although Anne Sexton uses a ton of literary devices in her poem “Young” to prove the theme of suffering depression, one of the most important devices is attitude. She uses attitude in this poem to let the audience hear and feel how she is suffering depression. The attitude she uses in this poem is sad. An example of this attitude is when she says “I was a lonely kid”. This statement shows her attitude because she is saying this and it makes the audience feel bad for her and tells them that she was sad. Another example of how she shows the attitude in this poem is “my father’s window, half shut”. This proves that the attitude is sad and dull because it shows that she is not close with her father and she wants the audience to feel how sad it makes her....

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