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Young Adult Parenthood Essay

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Generations these days believe that parenthood is based on only having children without considering that this stage in life is more complex than what we tend to believe. Most new parents are not financially stable and once faced with the situation of being a parent, they realize that the stress of not being able to provide the basic necessities can be unbearable. Being a successful parent is a learning process, there must be an awareness that mistakes will be made. There must be compromises made by both parents thus not to confuse the child, especially when both parents have different religious beliefs. In reviewing a young adult’s childhood we should be able to develop a strategy for better parenting in the today’s world because this would empower the young adults with better parenting skills.
The parenting strategies of most young adults may be due to the mode of thinking. Some believe that if their upbringing was of a certain style, then that is the only way it should be. It is uncertain that their parents lack the skills to teach them the core of responsibilities. No one will ever know! Every young adult should be evaluated as an individual and not as a statistic. Each parent should be evaluated in the same manner. Are the religious beliefs a factor? Where one parent’s religious beliefs feels parenting should be instilled with certain criteria while the other parent’s religious beliefs may differ. I have a friend who is Muslim; she teaches her daughter that based on her religion the daughter should be loyal only to her spouse. While on the other side is her father who is Catholic is teaching her to be loyal to herself first and foremost. Does she focus on how to be a good wife and hopefully a good parent or does she focus on bettering herself so she can be prepared in the future. I can clearly see how this young adult is confused and does not know which parent to please.
The literature on mixed faith parenting is similarly largely focuses on identity development, with concerns about children growing up confused between faiths. (Edwards, Caballero, & Puthussery, 2010; Romain 1996; Heller and Wood 2000). When both parents have a different religious belief it is best to explain this to the young adult and incorporating them both as one. Yes, it is a good to be loyal to your spouse but in order to do so you must also be loyal to yourself.
Therefore, I believe it would be in the best interest of the child that both parents respect each other faith and look for similarities between both religions. But, most importantly is to compromise, meet somewhere in the middle so the child can learn without any confusion as to which religion to choose as a grown adult. When you spend quality time with your young adult, you ensure and strengthen the bondage. They learn to trust that your guidance is for their well-being.
Many young adults today feel that being a parent will only require the...

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