Young People, Sexuality And Relationship Essay

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Young People, sexuality and relationship

So what should teens be taught about sex? In the article, “Young People, Sexuality and Relationships,” by Peter Aggleton, the author describes how sex isn’t used as something great in a relationship but gives the true reasons teens are having sex. The article was published in the year 2000 in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. This article was published to explain to young people some of the consequences of having sex. More young people are having sex these days without looking at what really can happen. Aggleton shows an overview of the pregnancies, STD’s, and other emotional things that can stick with someone the rest of their lives.

Aggleton shows teens the truth about sex instead of something seen as romantic and a risk, and they seeing themselves as people who are experimenting with new things. However, to others it is not a sign of romance but a risk that keeps haunting teenagers with AIDS and pregnancy. Even though young people are stereotyped as being more negative when it comes to the issue of sex, not all teenagers are that concerned with it. The author states more teenagers are looking at the outcome of having sex and thinking about the STD issue. Another issue is sex when it comes to parties and drugs. It seems that more and more girls are not getting the necessary understandings of the risks of sex, therefore having it at a younger age. While males are having sex for reasons just to try it out, or because they think they are cool. So the problem is teens are having sex for the wrong reasons without looking into the consequences.

Aggleton shows the differences of sex from the female view to the male view. He sees women as getting caught up in situations they don’t want, whereas males think sex help them to enter manhood at an earlier age. When a woman gets pregnant the outcome of having the child is a lot different than the male. Besides the woman having the child also takes in more abuse from the male. They too are at the same risk of catching the STD’s they weren’t aware of. More often they spend the rest of their life living in poverty trying to raise a child all alone. They tend often to not get the same choices of the male when it comes to the choices they want in life. Males see sex as something that needs to be done to become a man. They are also getting caught up in the pressure of hearing...

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