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In one of the greatest works of the Twentieth Century, The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald shows the extremely active nightlife of the "Roaring 20's." Daisy Buchanan, a fragile, flirtatious women with a past that no one would ever guess is one of the main characters. Her marriage seems to be perfect, until her husband has an affair with another women. She has a daughter whom she does not care for, and she feels like she has no love from anyone whatsoever, but then Jay Gatsby, her "life", he is her long lost love that tries to make everything like it was in the past. A past where only they existed, and no one else, but the circumstances of the present affect them from doing ...view middle of the document...

" (17) The fact that Tom was not present at the their baby's birth really impacted Daisy and caused her to have a negative mindset about her baby's future. Daisy was weak and immature, and did not know what to do after she found out that Tom, was having love affairs.
Additionally, Daisy's love for Gatsby is quick as a wink. Before Daisy and Tom Buchanan had even met and gotten married, she had already fallen in love with Gatsby. Then Gatsby left for war and, although Daisy and Gatsby still continued the long-distance relationship, she started to date again. According to Jordan, "By the next autumn she was gay as ever. She had a dėbut after the Armistice, and in February she was engaged to a man from Chicago..." (75) Jordan's story suggests that Daisy wanted to go and look for Gatsby, but she decided to marry Tom Buchanan instead. Daisy was able to forget all the "love" she had for Gatsby in a quick minute. Later in the novel Gatsby and Daisy tell Tom that Daisy never loved him. Afterwards the Buchanan's decide to pack and leave. Nick tries to communicate with Daisy after he found out that Gatsby had been shot, but he gets no response.. Daisy and Tom decide to pack their bags and leave. "I called Daisy half an hour later after we found him, called her instinctively... "Left no address?" "No." "Any idea where they are? How could I reach them?" "I don't know. Can't say." (164) the butler told NickOnce again, Daisy decides to leave Gatsby for another man without knowing what had happened to Gatsby.
Finally, Daisy is like a feather. She is always floating around and is influenced by her surroundings. Although Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan, she likes to flirt with any guy that crosses her path, sometimes with her own family members. Gatsby requested that Jordan ask Nick if he would do him a favor and invite Daisy over for tea so that he can finally talk to...

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