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Young Beauty Pageants Essay

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Young Beauty Contests
For years beauty contests have been around for people of all ages. These classy, beauty contests are known to be wonderful and exciting for children. Many assume that these contests result in nothing but positive aspects. Walking up and down a stage, almost like modeling, can make someone feel confident, beautiful, and also bring great opportunities in his/her future. Feeling special under that bright light would make anyone smile. It is interesting how a lot of parents involved in these pageants think their child needs beauty pageants to help the child’s self-esteem and the way he or she feels inside. Attention is wonderful and the feeling of looking perfect would bring smiles among the person or child competing and the audience. Some people take beauty contests far too far when it comes to children and even babies. These pageants have negative emotional, physical outcomes, and can cause problems in the future of these contestants. Thus, beauty pageants may seem positive to many people, but they can have negative outcomes.
Many argue that beauty pageants are good on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are important aspects in young children while going through their childhood stages. Supporters of beauty pageants for young children also believe beauty pageants help in the child’s confidence, will help in future public speaking, and being in front of crowds. However, these ideas can be immature in some cases. It is said that adults do not remember being under the age of three so how would these pageants help a child in the future if they decide to stop doing pageants and move on to something else, as most of them do. These youngsters can also become overly confident and have too much self-esteem. Other supporters of young pageants agree that pageants make their child look beautiful and perfect. This point can be taken way out of line. Some parents over sexualize their children with enormous amounts of makeup, hairspray and skimpy outfits meant for grown women. Also, some say the pageants are harmless and only do well for young children and babies. This theory is incorrect. Young children, wearing high heels, makeup, and tanning are in no way healthy and can cause long term physical and emotional affects.
As a young child, confidence and self-esteem may seem important. Many people think beauty pageants cause no harm to a child in any emotional aspects. The beauty pageants today, even on reality shows cover up a lot of the problems behind the scenes. When a child is young he or she does not have memories of being a baby or even a young child. A very pronoun psychologist, named Sigmund Freud, stated “Adults lack memories from early in life because no memories were formed, or were formed but later became inaccessible as a result of cognitive changes”.
How often do adults bring up memories of being two, one or even younger? Using the excuse young child pageants help builds self-esteem and...

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