Children: An Oppressed Class Essay

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If reality was a picture, it would be a small, malnourished, beaten, violated, hopeless, poor, devastated, oppressed child. There are many more like this child, sitting in the corners of the dirty cities around the world witnessing all the oppression that has evolved from this reality. This realism is the life of a child being destroyed by the ways of the world. This child, along with countless others, has had  their freedom to a healthy life stolen by the restrictions of authority. Therefore, the oppression of children is a result of restrictive authority that limits what the world has to offer adolescents.
At a young age, kids generally are submissive to the world around them, and I’ve found that there are two specific influences that factor into a child’s development of values, social norms and perspectives. The first influence is what the child is taught or forced to practice by their parents beliefs and perspectives. The second is what a child learns from the world and their life experiences. Unfortunately, children generally are not allowed to practice “youthism,” where they live with free-spirits and objective minds, because parents force their own lessons, beliefs, values, rights, wrongs, behaviors, and perspectives into the lives of their children. As a result, children are oppressed because the opportunities that the world offers them are limited based on the values and perspectives of adulthood.
Unlike the others, the oppression of children has been ignored. This oppressed group is not a minority of its own, nor is it controlled by the opinions of society. It is not the oppressed victims who can be blamed themselves. In fact, all other groups and societies have belonged to this group. Truly, every human that has walked this earth has belonged. Indeed, even those who have never suffered under the dictation of society, rather because of their gender, race, religion, social class, appearance, or any other stereotypes, have belonged. Ironically, the oppression of children is the least popular of all the topics regarding oppression not only because it has affected every person on this planet, but because it is primarily caused by “ageism”- the basis of all oppressions. Ageism is not another form of oppression, but rather an age difference that adults use to justify their authority. Oppression is viewed from an “adult perspective” and the suffering of society’s youth is often forgotten. This is significant because, “It is the values and perceptions instilled in young people which will carry over into adult life and dominate social activity therein” (Dominick). This statement justifies the values and perceptions of a young individual. Society lacks attention to the values and perceptions of the young people in our communities; this is detrimental to the identity of the future leaders because they will continue to follow the cycle their authorities lived instead of progress.
Furthermore, there are four divisions of ageism, the first is...

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