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Children And Their Ties To The Parents

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English EssayWe are yet children, the seeds that have been planted and hoped to grow into that one tall and sturdy tree, but the moment we try to break away from our roots and follow the paths of others not only will we fail to become that tree but also that we will never be recognised as the seeds we are! From a child's first breath to their first word, from their first step to their very first tooth, parents have always been there to protect and cherish that every moment. We are the part of them, our relation to them is the relation of the body and the blood that runs in it to keep it alive, whereby the child is the body and blood that runs through it is our parents love, wishes and prayers that are always with us. Regardless of how far we may be from them one day we cannot break this tie as we were engaged to it from the very first second of our existence.Life is a long ride that will eventually lead us to our own paths and scatter us in our different directions but no matter where this ride may lead it will follow the reflection of our parents footsteps. The happy and loving home they provided us with, the advice they have given to us have moulded our tiny brains and hearts to think and feel the way we do. Nobody has as much as influence as our parents do in our lives, even if we may not be very close to them what they do and how they are around us develops the same kind of reaction inside us. If others influence us and we tend to follow them hence getting at a difference with our own parents we will split into many different ways because every other person sees a different vision and insight to our lives. Besides if we try to break away and isolate our selves from the lives of our loved ones then what a failure we are trying to fit within the life of others!We cannot escape the fact that parents are the most important people in a child's life and become the conscience that lives within them. We cannot question our selves of the...

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