Children Of Vengeance Part 2

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I've heard that some people have dreams when they are knocked out cold, I didn't. I saw blackness for what seemed like hours, and then woke up to the smell of rotting meat. My head lolled from one side to the other as the world began to take shape around me again. Something was terribly wrong though, my arms and legs were asleep and I was unable to move them, it was then I felt the incredibly tight ropes strapping me down to an old wooden chair. I could barely even struggle against them, my entire blood flow feeling cut off. There was a single bulb hanging from the ceiling above my head, lighting up a very small area around me. The floor was covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs, there were windows, but they were boarded up, the moonlight could barely show through the tightly nailed wood. I was pretty sure I was in the old rickety house that I had driven the girl to, my suspicions being confirmed when I noticed the large tri-pronged symbol painted on the floor underneath the chair. Fear began to claim me then, I started to shake uncontrollably and began to cry out for help.Then the little girl moved into the light."No one will hear you." She said quietly.I ignored her and screamed louder for help and shook my chair around the room, trying desperately to free myself. Then I heard the laughter and a lot of shuffling. Two shapes moved into the light on both sides of the girl, they were walking on their knees. Their heads were covered with some sort of white cloth with the eyes cut off, making it impossible to see who they were. They were wearing all white like the girl, but in different clothes. They were normal clothes like jeans and t-shirts, but it looked like all their clothes had been bleached white. The faceless, chuckling characters kneeled a few feet away from me in a semi-circle, not saying anything but staring at me intently through their dark eyeholes. The stench of rotting meat grew stronger as the faceless people came closer. The girl remained in the middle, keeping the same expression as before.She stared into me, her eyes strangely familiar, a warmth I once knew, but now they had gone cold and dead. The strange circle stood deathly still now; I couldn't even hear them breathing. I couldn't tell what they where looking at, but it seemed to me, as their gaze didn't even fall on me at any time. They seemed to be looking past me, even through me. I didn't like the look. After many minutes past of their cold stares, I fought past the knot of fear clogging my voice and spoke to the little girl, the only one who had ever spoken."Who the hell are you people?" I asked, my voice quivering, startled by the broken silence.Her eyes flickered to life, blinking repeatedly, as if she just awoke from a dream. "Don't you know?" She replied in her cold sweet voice.A voice that should have warmed my heart, but instead sent ice-cold demons running up and down my spine."No. Why don't you tell me, sweetie." I asked in my strained voice. I tried to...

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