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Young People Can Make A Difference

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Hubert H. Humphrey said “There are those who say to you- Were rushing the issue of civil rights I say we are 172 years late. In the 1950s and 60s The African Americans in the South wanted Equal rights as the white people in the South had. Not just the older African Americans but the black kids played a very important role in getting equal. In fact the kids might have been the reason they got them. In this time period the blacks were doing everything they could to get equal rights. But overall the kids may have been trying the hardest.
On August 28, 1955 A young boy named Emmitt Till was brutally murdered by some white men in the south. Emmitt Till lived up North where blacks had equal rights but he had to come stay with his Uncle that summer. Emmitt being from the North meant he didn’t know how blacks were treated in the South. So one day he went to the store to buy some candy. On the way out he whistled at the White Female cashier. The men that were outside heard the boy whistle at her and they didn’t like that at all. So that night the men went to Emmitt’s uncles house and took him out of the bed with his little cousin asleep right beside him. The men then killed him later on but they took it to the extreme. Emmitt was beaten by the men brutally. Emmitt’s mom had the funeral open casket to show what the men did to a kid. Later when the men went to court for the murder they were found not-guilty. The role of young people in this story kind of showed them that this could happen to them also and they need to step up and help get equal rights too. The kids knew Emmitt wasn’t innocent but it didn’t have end like it did in a harmful way.
The Children’s March also played a big role in getting equal rights. The Children’s March is exactly what it says it says. The kids marched for equal rights. The kids came out of the Sixteen Street Baptist Church in groups of 50. They...

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