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Young People's Concern On Looks And Its Implications

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Young People’s Concern on Looks and Its Implications.

Many people are very concerned on what they look like or what other people think about them. Young people worry themselves to death about how the look. Some think they are too fat, too thin, too short or too tall and would prefer if they looked like someone else. This phenomenon is widespread among teenagers and adolescents since this is the stage where rapid changes occur both on the physical and emotional makeup of youths. Most youths fall victims to self-esteem issues, which to them is an adequate reason to focus on how they look. Poor body image and low self-esteem are risk factors for the development of weight loss strategies and mental health disorders such as depression and eating disorders (Ahluwalia, 2008).
The Royal Children’s hospital (2011) postulates that the implications of over concern on one’s appearance include:
• Concentrating on losing weight, or worrying about specific parts of their body,
• Persistently comparing one’s body with others
• Associating food with feelings of guilt or shame
• Wanting to stay indoors because of the way one looks
• Not doing activities because of the way one feels about her body
• Feeling inadequate about or critiquing one’s body
Body image is what one thinks, sees and feels pertaining to their entire body. In most cases, this may have nothing to do with the way you actually look. Friends, peer magazines and television programs are among the various factors that constitute a person’s of the body image (Ahluwalia, 2008).
The most affected gender is the females. They worry a lot about gaining weight and some of them always complain of being fat thus they are ever on a diet. This has always been a stereotype associated with ladies, who always want to look like the models on the cover page of lifestyle magazines and billboards. This has been hyped a lot to the extent that even those whose body size is proportional and average begin doubting themselves, leading to eating disorders that eventually have a hazardous their health. Depression is also an unavoidable implication in such a situation. The thought of being fat and unattractive makes women think that people will not like them because they are ugly. The same case applies to those who think they are too thin. They end up over eating and end up facing negative health implications (Ahluwalia, 2008)
Fashion is also a significant cause of problems among the youth and adolescents. Young boys and girls focus on staying at par with the fashion trends and rate their peers with the type of clothing they wear. This has developed to be the basis of choosing friends and associates. These young people are willing to spend a lot of their parent’s money on the clothes they consider fashionable to avoid being the laughing stock in their peer groups. This obsession to stay trendy affects the less fortunate who come from poor backgrounds and cannot afford to buy the...

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