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Young Sherlock Holmes Essay

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“Good show, Watson!” John Watson, and his role model Sherlock Holmes are characters from Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous Sherlock Holmes Series. Young Sherlock Holmes is a movie that recreated the first time that Sherlock and Watson become friends. The characters in this movie, Young Sherlock Holmes, are that of many. Of course there was Sherlock Holmes himself and his apprentice John Watson, but also there was others. Including Sherlock’s love interest, Elizabeth Hardy; the professor, Professor Rathe; and the nurse, Mrs. Dribb. In the movie, it shows the first time Watson and Holmes meet. Right away, Holmes is shown to be a student with very high intelligence. When citizens start having mental breaks and committing suicides, Holmes starts to suspect something. He rushes down to the police station, and tells the lead detective that he believes that something is wrong, but the detective just blows it off. After Sherlock finds a clue that leads him to an egyptian cult, he gets himself and his friends into trouble. Arthur Conan Doyle has written many other works that included important characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Brigadier Gerard and Professor Challenger (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate). If the film, Young Sherlock Holmes, is historically correct compared to the novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle, then the film could be used to learning purposes.

Sherlock is a very smart and young student. Many of his classmates put him to the test to see how intelligent he really is, which Sherlock demolishes in 60 minutes. He is also a very fast learner, that means if you tell him directions he will remember them, and fix his errors. This is one reason that Sherlock may be so good at fencing. He also has some qualities that may be repellent to some, but appealing to others. For example, Watson found Sherlock’s intelligence to be interesting. Watson and Sherlock became friends right away. Watson is a new student, and is studying to become a doctor. But he is caught up on Sherlocks curiosity. Watson and Sherlock get into trouble when they are mixed up with an egyptian cult. The leader of this cult is no other than professor and fencing teacher, Rathe (Ehtar). Sherlock looks up to Rathe as a mentor and a friend. (Wiki) Rathe always tells Sherlock to control his emotions because if he doesn’t they will be his downfall. As Sherlock goes more in depth into his investigation of the suicides, he realizes that Rathe is the one in control of this egyptian cult. But before Sherlock was able to prove this, Rathe had Sherlock and Watson expelled from their elite, boys only school.

This movie starts off with Watson switching into Sherlock’s school. Watson is intrigued about Sherlock, and so he befriends him. Watson and Sherlock go into the library after class, and while Watson is looking for books, Sherlock is flirting with his girlfriend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth lives on campus because her uncle lives in the attic of one of the schools. (IMBD)...

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