Youngsters And Internet : A Technically Boosted Society Or The Contrary?

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Great triumph has been achieved in technology for the past fifty years which has changed the way people live as a society. The Internet is a modern technological form of communication that not only is competent of connecting peoples with one another but offers varieties of its uses such as sharing information, playing games, information storage, GPS tracking, etc. A society is where diverse people reside together with a mutual social behavior as interacting, helping, talking, sharing and caring for one another. The drastic revolution in technology has made the life of peoples easier and faster, but every fruit with benefits has its costs. Technology is praised for its aptitude to change the shape of society and lead towards contented living of a populace. However, the development of the Internet is so successful in drawing huge attention, time and interest of youngsters that the teenagers are spending most or even all of their leisure time on it. Youngsters of fresh generations are born and grow in the society where the use of the Internet becomes such a fundamental element of life that they turn out to be a lot reliant and addicted to it. Young people are not as social and interacting as they used to be in societies back 25-30 years ago. Communication, work, education, playing, etc. everything that requisite people to come together and interrelate is being done through the Internet. Youngsters from new generation are the fathers of next, and they should be introduced to the Internet in a right way such that they further influence it and not let it hamper the generations' social life and communication skills.
The internet is widely and principally used in the education system today. Projects , assignments, Presentations, class activities, group presentations. Etc., are both assigned by teachers and to be done by students through the Internet. Since the Internet is already in practice worldwide in education, people deem this is a major breakthrough in the generation of education that makes it better, beneficial and distinguishing than the education system way back some generations in time. As the Internet is a technology primarily developed as to be an effective communicating technology, its use in education is positively expected to be significantly influencing more and easy interaction between instructors and students or between students themselves in their learning. The Internet has been the most vital and essential mean of communication for global humankind. There was an age when handwritten mails would be collected from a place and taken by the postal worker to a location where it is to be delivered, traveling for days and even weeks, for a long-distance communication. The Internet is regarded as ultimate development of technological communication as it made communication, from two opposite side of earth, a matter of seconds.
Although, Internet as a communicating technology being used in the education system, making it an unproblematic and...

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