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The Best Choice Essay

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Money can pave the way for better life if we use them intelligently. This essay talks about Martha, the girl who lives in medium size city and middle class family. She has a dream which is to be a businesswoman, so she wants to study at the state university, but her job at fast food restaurant for three years didn't earn her a lot of money for school. Also her family can’t cover the costs. But before the end of her high school she got an inheritance from her aunt who was living in Texas which let her make different plans to spend the money, but her mother and father were thinking how she will spend the money without given her any advice until she asks for it. However the best way for her is to save the money or invest it somewhere rather than buy a used car, rent an apartment, stay at home without working, or go to trip to Hawaii.
Firstly, we should consider if buying a used car is best option. Then she can go to school faster, visit her friends and travel as well, but the car needs gas which is expensive and most of the student’s expense goes with it. Also changing the oil, replacing the tires, checking up the car between time to time and the insurance is more expensive for people who are under the age of 25. Moreover the thing that most of the students are scared of is that moment when the car stops working and gets damage, especially at exam days. Also what makes the problem real is the cost of repairing the car. So buying a used car is not the right option.
Her second choice is to rent an apartment close to school with a roommate for a year or rent a studio for a semester. That could be a right choice, and then she can get her quiet place to focus with her classes and walk to school instead of paying for the public transit. Also she can invite her friends. But what makes this choice not the right one is the cost of the water, the gas and the electricity bills, and the internet. Does she think that she can cover all of these bills alone? Moreover, what about if the apartment or the studio has no furniture? So that might be very expensive for her to buy new furniture. Also if she can cover a year or a semester in the contract, she will not cover the rest. Therefore we can say this chose is possibly wrong.
Thirdly, she has the option to stay home and go to school without working. Then she can focus with her classes especially English and Mathematics which are very important for her as business major, but at the house there will be kids playing and jumping around, so she will...

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