The Woman's Natural Journey From Adolescence To Menopause

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Women between adolescence and menopause do not experience trauma in adjusting to their roles as a woman. With the topic being broad and not giving much detail, I would have to assume that this is women who have led a relatively normal life, with all the nature intended changes. Trauma is an event that creates a long lasting negative effect on a person. Trauma is usually associated with a wife witnessing her husband being killed, a soldier witnessing a member of his platoon being shot at. Women are taught at a young age about the different changes their bodies will go through while growing older. Women may go through a traumatic event at some point of their life, but not because they are trying to adjust to their role as a woman. [THESIS] Describing the experience women go through during the adjustment to their roles as traumatic is embellishing the event. [THESIS]

Women do experience confusion and insecurity between these times. This state of mind should not be confused with trauma. When women are little girls, they play with dolls, they're mothers and the doll is their baby. The same little girls pretend they are getting married, placing sheets or table cloths over their heads like veils. Once women hit junior high, as Mary Pipher describes in Saplings in the Storm, girls do become confused. Women have their first period around this time. This causes confusion as to what is to happen next, but does not create such a traumatic event that it would scar the female. By this age, most girls are already aware of the changes their bodies will be going through in the next few years, to lessen the shock and stress that may be placed on the girl. Girls at this age are used to doing what they enjoy and not what the society things they should be enjoying. They are used to playing with the boys, being the little tomboy they enjoyed. Then the reality of society sets in. Society plays a big role in placing confusion and trouble that women go through growing up. Women of today have the chance to be able to do what they feel they associate with. Today, women are educated, and most have jobs that would be, in the past unheard of.

Women of tribal living villages experience the same changes that the women of our world experience. The women of the San, who live along the Nambia and Botswana border, know their role. One of their roles is to provide sixty to eighty percent of the food supply. To see what is expected of every woman they watch their mothers and other female tribe members. These women do not describe their lives as traumatic.

I talked to my grandmother, who is seventy, about her experience of her journey from adolescence to menopause, she too agreed that the journey is confusing, but could not be called traumatic. She also said, "society is making the women today who they want them to be."

My classmate, Tiana-Marie Ferreira, mentioned in her attack against my stand that she felt, "having to conform to these...

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