The Mind: Human Feelings Essay

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There are countless words in the English language that we can use to convey how we feel, and about forty muscles in our face that helps us express whatever we are feeling. Human beings have a varied set of emotions, be it pleasant or difficult feelings. Often times, it is tough to determine what we exactly feel, and why we are feeling such emotions. It is even more worrisome to find out just how we’re going to deal with these feelings.

What are we feeling?
Humans are complex creatures, you can never guess what someone else is feeling; unless of course it’s written on their face. Although some are expressive, maybe they’re merely putting on a mask; what they are showing on the outside might be different from what they’re actually feeling — so in the end, you never really know. Whenever anything occurs, be it something simple as getting a high mark on a test, there is always an emotion that is linked to that. The question is, what exactly are we feeling in these circumstances? If you gain a high mark, would you feel joyous and proud because your efforts were rewarded? Would you feel disappointed since your mark wasn’t enough to satisfy you? Pleasant feelings bring us contentment, and we forget other burdens for a while. However, difficult emotions like dismay and agitation spark problems and add on to our emotional baggage. It causes us to think excessively and be frantic, but at the same time, it gives us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves; to explore our own minds. Determining how we feel may be challenging enough already, but it’s even more confusing to find out the reason why we feel a certain way.

Why do we feel this way?
Emotions are our instinctive reactions to what is going on around us. When we think about certain memories, we experience nostalgia — a sentimental yearning for the past, or be overwhelmed by remorse. Humans can’t help but feel sad or anxious, neither can we...

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