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Queen Mary I was known as “Bloody Mary” for a good reason. She had a happy childhood but a rather difficult young adulthood as she watched many of her stepmothers be beheaded by her father. Later she herself ordered the execution to anyone who was not a member of her religion. People think that the way she was raised caused her to kill so many people. No one would dispute Mary I is a fascinating women with a fascinating life.
Queen Mary was born at Greenwich Palace on February the eighteenth, in the year of 1516. Her father was King Henry VIII, and her mother was Catherine of Aragon. Mary’s mother was the first of Henry’s six wives (“Queen ‘Bloody’ Mary”). Queen Mary was the fifth child to ...view middle of the document...

Also in the will it says that if Mary were to die without an heir, then Elizabeth would take her spot (Eakins, Lara). Henry VIII, Mary’s father died in 1547 leaving Edward the thrown.
Edward had ruled for nine years, he was king until death. Edward had died in 1553. When Edward died Mary was suppose to get the thrown but Edward had something else in mind. He decided that the crown should go to Lady Jane Grey (“Scotland’s Mary). Lady Jane Grey was the granddaughter of Henry VIII’s younger sister Mary Tudor (“Scotland’s Mary”). Lady Jane’s accession took place in 1553 on July 10th; it was revoked on July 19, 1553. So Lady Jane Grey’s rein only lasted nine days (“Scotland’s Mary”) After Lady Jane Grey’s rein Mary I became queen.
Queen Mary was the first female to rule England with a full coronation. Mary’s official coronation came on November 30, 1553 at Westminster Abbey (Eakins, Lara). She resigned as queen of England on October 1, 1553 at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London (Eakins, Lara). As ruler of England Mary tried to turn England back into Roman Catholicism. This effort was carried out by force, and hundreds of protestant leaders were executed (“Queen ‘Bloody’ Mary”). Mary made it to where hundreds more would follow in Mary’s terror. This earned the queen the title “Bloody Mary” (“Queen ‘Bloody’ Mary”). As queen Mary need to get heirs to stop Elizabeth from being Queen.
So after a while Mary got married...

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