The Mind, The Final Frontier Is A Critical Thinking Paper,The Brain Is Like An Extensive Intricate Sponge Through Nuclei Within Its Path, Absorbing Every Crumb Within Its Path.

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The Mind, the Final FrontierCritical ThinkingJuly 7, 2003AbstractThe brain is like an extensive intricate sponge through nuclei within its path, absorbing every crumb within its path, to be used at some latter-date, neurons hold information of one's own free- will, and embrace that which is precious and dear to them. Thinking is comparable to the world for all practical purposes with its advanced freeways and accommodations, to inspire the evolution of existence. As intricate as each person's berth, with its unique style and decor with the vast storage of viable elements, encompassed like a museum waiting to show the world what is on display. Just use the appropriate key or sensation to unlock the beauty of the mammoth unknown, awaiting with a view to be challenged and Conquered in less than the blink of an eye. The Mind, the Final FrontierWhere does the inception start, nor does it ever end? Some thoroughfares are still under construction and anecdotes that for whatever purpose are not enunciated or finished. We have seen countless movies into mind, even those secret government agencies are looking for programs to get inside our environment. We can fly around the world, and equivalently build an electrifying atmosphere around us, even send an individual into space and walk on the moon. But to explore the depths of the brain/ mind, we have not even begun to scratch the surface.However the soul that functions within society requires the need for human contact and social acceptance by interacting, this gives us (the mind, body, and spirit) a sense of self worth. It's (the mind) interaction that dramatizes us physically, as well as intellectual stimulus on regular basis,...

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