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Your Life Saved Essay

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Our life is met with many people who have challenges that they are forced to face. The trials we caused by decisions and they way we face them. However, was there some way that we could avoid these challenges? Did some choice or decision cause the repercussions? As we live life we don’t see these choices while they’re happening. At the time we think we are making a decision that will help us in the long term, but what we think doesn’t always turn out to be reality. People, who make the decision to have a baby, are thinking about all of the good that comes with the little human. Babies are amazing, but they aren’t angles. They need food, diaper changes and just plain comfort. When they baby ...view middle of the document...

Goodbye, Sugarbaby,’ she said, clutching at the sleeve of the white dress.” Mrs. Crater allowed Shiftlet to marry her daughter because she wanted someone to take care of her daughter. Towards the end, you start to realize that she was going end up alone. All of her life she had taken control of her daughter. In an essence saving her daughter, but not once did she ask her daughter. She took the control out from her daughter and tried to make everything perfect. She had her reasons, but because she wouldn’t give her daughter a choice. The title implies that because of the way she treated her daughter, she was forced to have a life out of her control. Her daughter was taken from her and there wasn’t a way she could change her fate. Her fate was out of her hands because she took the fate away from her daughter.
Life describes how Lucynell is an innocent person and is tied to the fate of being an angle. Lucynell was born with a disability. She was entirely innocent. Her disability created a person that didn’t understand, but she wasn’t treated as a person. All her life she had been treated as if she was worth nothing and because she wasn’t normal. However, no matter how she acted, she was innocent and beautiful. Her body wasn’t normal, but she was perfect. “The boy bent over her and stared at the long pink-gold hair and the half-shut sleeping eyes. Then he looked up and stared at Mr. Shiftlet “She looks like an angel of Gawd,’ He mumbled. ‘Hitchhiker’” Her innocent and the lack of control she had in her life became her fate. Everyone decided what would happen to her. No one truly cared what she wanted. For that reason she was left with someone who admired her. She has definat future, but a young boy realized the truth. Lucynell was purely innocent. She had done nothing wrong. She was so wonderful and childlike. All of her life she had been treated as worthless and the young boy saved her. The young boy saved the girl who had nothing.
O’Connor showed that at the end of his life, Mr. Shftlet, helped...

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