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Your Message

Remember That YOU Are The Product - While your experience and client list are important, your most important marketing asset is your most unique asset - you! You need to determine your personal strengths and find a way to create a marketing messages that bridges the gap between those strengths and the value you can provide to a client.

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Answer WIIFT - Employers, just like other prospects, want to know less about you and your accomplishments, and more about WIIFT - what's in it for them.

Be Consistent - Decide on a message, identity, and personality for your business - use them consistently in all your marketing materials. This will help position you as the person known for X, and is an important part of establishing your brand.

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Keep It Positive - Make sure your marketing materials convey confidence and positivity.

Show Your Personality - If you portray yourself one way in your marketing, and another way in real-life, potential clients will pick up on it and begin wondering why. If you work from your rural home, enjoy the country, and have a light-hearted personality, don't try to come across like a city-dwelling, corporate shark in your marketing material. Simply be who you are!


Your Business Cards

Go Double-Sided - Choose a double-sided design. Use the front of your card for your company name, your name, and contact info (phone, email, URL), as well as a tagline (if you have one). On the back of the card include a headline with a link to a special report or white paper, or list your services, benefits, and some testimonials.

Keep Them Simple - Don't fill your card with a lot of clutter. Identify the core message of your business and convey that. A link to your Website can be used to fill in the details.

Make Them Unique - The best business cards are the one's that people want to show others, because they're so unique. Without going overboard, try to come up with a creative way to make your card stand out, either by it's shape, the material on which it's printed, or the message it contains.

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Include Them In Your Mailings - Add a couple of your business cards with mailings you send out, especially invoices. This can be a great way to encourage satisfied customers to spread the word about your products or services.

Always Carry Them With You - Because you never know who you might run into while you're out and about, stuff a card holder with a stack of your cards and place it next to your car keys. That way you'll always remember to take your cards with you whenever you leave your house.

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