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Executive Summary
“Your Choice Furniture” established in 1992 was a family business with long history, which has been handed down from generation to generation. As like most of the tradition businesses, the method of management for the shop was usually used manually.
According to this situation, we found out the various essential elements of “Your Choice Furniture”.

1 The Brief main issues :
1.1 “The book-keeping, invoicing, stocktaking, payroll functions and customers’ details, weekly wage bill employee’s details are kept manually.”
1.2 “The manual system is extremely time-consuming” and difficult to manage the track of inventory.
1.3 There is no fixed staff but need to extend the opening hours, which needs labour-saving.
1.4 The shop needs to be possibly going online.

2 Evaluate Feasibility :
2.1 Operational feasibility:
Most of these problems would be by the information system to help to increase efficiency.
2.2 Technical feasibility:
Customized approach to provision the “Your Choice Furniture” of net technical requirements, most of the problems they face by the information system to help them solve.
2.3 Economic feasibility:
Information system can replace the previous manual handling operations to save a lot of time and labor costs.

Base on the case of “Your Choice Furniture”, we marked this system's analysis to formulate solutions in this report; it assisted in evaluating the impact of recent change information technologies of “Your choice furniture” business system for evaluating how well the firm will be performing.

The deeper part of this report has shown the need of "Your Choice Furniture" for new business system, which will help the company to support their customers and employees, also more efficient processing of the business.
The performance evaluation of new applications for customer relations, human resources, stocks have a considerable help to expedite the overall process efficient and improve customer service quality, reduce labour costs and efficient manage control, will facilitate the “Your Choice Furniture” on the market competitiveness and market development capabilities.

Table of contents

Introduction 5
Background 5
Purpose 5
Discussion 6
The main functions and principles of an organization: 6
Supply chain management (SCM) and Customer relationship management (CRM) 6
Intranet and Extranet 7
Implementation of the new systems 8
Security and ethical issues 8
The various types of information system 9
Recommendations 9
Conclusion 10
References 11


During the 1990s, the entire network opens to the public. In 1993, English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland, he began promoting World Wide Web (World Wide Web) project. The public interest in the former academic and technical-step growth of the Internet.
After the past decade, Internet successfully became majority accommodated the existing computer network

Family business “Your Choice...

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