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"The Wine Manual" By Jacques Marie

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The novel, which I choose to read, was "The Wine Manual" by Jacques Marie. The reason why I picked this novel was because of my work. Having such a high demand of knowledge for wine and food in the restaurant business. Being able to pair food with wine or wine with food is a necessity. This book is used in The Stratford Chefs School curriculum and is recommended for almost any other chef school throughout Canada.The author, Jacques Marie, is a wine instructor at The Stratford Chefs School 4 weeks each year. A native of Normandy, France, Jacques was born into the hotel business. His father ran a vineyard and mother ran a small restaurant. Now a professor at George Brown College, Jacques has been teaching cooking, food technology and wine appreciation for the past 25 years. On a worldwide basis he organizes and guides wine and gastronomic tours, and is also a noted wine and food consultant for hotels and restaurants. He has won many wine tasting competitions as far as Australia and France. In 1985 the French government presented Jacques with the "Croix de Chevalier du Merité Agricole". Together with Tony Aspler, he has written The Wine Lover Dines. He is Governor and Legislator of the VQA (Vintners Quality Association) of Ontario, Jacques is a member of the Escoffier Society, the International Federation of Chefs de Cuisine, the Wine Writers Circle of Ontario, Governor of the Board of the Sommelier Guild of Canada, a member of the jury and Mâitre-Conseil International in French Gastronomy. He is also a lecturer for the Royal Ontario Museum and the Science Center of Toronto.The Wine Manual is the first book of its kind in North America, because it is written specifically for a person entering the hospitality field of wine service. The book is intended to give a basic and thorough understanding of the business of making, buying, storing, selling, and serving wine. It also puts the world of wine into perspective.Wine is important in society because it is a multi billion-dollar industry and Canada only accounts for around 1% or 250 000 hL of wine each year. Canada has the potential for almost 20 times that, which is still basically nothing in terms of Italy who produces 59 300 000 hL or 20% of the world's wine. Realistically wine can only grow between 30ºN-50ºN and 30ºS-50ºS due to required amount of sunshine per week and total annual hours; also the temperature has to stay below 30ºC and above 4ºC.Canada still being a "young" wine producer even though the first batch of wine produced on Canadian Soil was more then 1000 years ago. Possibly due to the Jesuit missionaries arriving with early French settlers making the first sacramental wine from wild grapes. Never experiencing the original yet extremely different taste from Canadian grapes. They tried to cultivate grapes from Europe, but harsh winter conditions ensured their failure. Grain was a better bet, so beer became the beverage of choice of the...

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