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Youth Sports Essay

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Youth Sports! Introduction! On thousands of occasions sports have made an extreme impact on society and our world. Wars have been stopped for Olympics. Jackie Robinson, the first black professional baseball player, not only paved the way for other black Professional athletes but also helped ignite the flame of equality in our nation. However this history of sports competition has not been all goody goody. Athletes and spectators have lost lives by pure accidents in sports such as the boxer Michael Watson receiving a blow to the head eventually killing him or stadiums collapsing killing many spectators. Other not so accidental deaths in sports have occurred due to riots after big losses. These are very extreme cases that involve sports. Such big events in sports don't happen everyday, however, everyday there are thousands of people training and participating in sports. Sports can be enjoyed in high intensity atmospheres such as college basketball or extremely low intensity such as intramurals. Sports participation ranges from young to old with old man softball to little kids tee ball. Sports have to start somewhere and that is with the children. Although many parents fear that injuries will occur to their child there are many benefits to sports as well. These benefits are sometimes masked by crazy parents poisoning sports for young children. Many of the pros and cons of child sports participation are injuries, poor parenting, health benefits and skills that will be learned and used outside of sports.! Youth Sports History! To begin, sports have been an indubitable part of life for many cultures for as far back as there are writings to prove its existence. Many believe that the first organized sports games date back to ancient Greece during the bronze age when bull jumping and bullfighting were practiced. It can be presumed that from that time on, much like now, that children would imitate the great athletes of their times in mock scenarios. However, organized sports for youth dates back to a much more recent time. In 1929 Joseph J Tomlin created the first youth football league in the United States. Tomlin's league called the Junior Football Conference, later named Pop Warner after the legendary Temple University coach, featured 4 teams of youth football players. Soon after, in 1939, Carl Stotz founded Little League baseball. Stotz's goals for the league was to teach teamwork, fair play and ideals of baseball. (Silverman) Thanks to these fine gentleman, according to the National Council of Youth Sports, 44 million youth participate in baseball, football, ice hockey and soccer alone. (Silverman)! Age! ! The golden question about youth sports is when is a good time to start. There isn't a magic age for when children should start sports. A child less than five has little understanding of a sports and many times enjoy free play more than an organized sport. Pushing a kid into sports too early could have the exact opposite effect as one might hope for....

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