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Youth Depression Youth depression is affecting one fifth of the youth in our society and is still going unnoticed under-diagnosed or ignored.Report to the Minister of Youth Affairs On the issues affecting the youth of today.Youth Culture 1.0 Depression is affecting one fifth of the youth in society. Recent studies in the U.S. have shown that greater than 20% of adolescents in the general population have emotional problems, and one-third of the youth attending psychiatric clinics are being treated for depression. This astounding figure is on the increase every year and despite this large number, depression in teenagers is going greatly under-diagnosed.1.1 This report is a result of the increase in teenage depression and a misunderstanding and confusion about youth and depression. There is an urgent need to put a stop to the melancholy that teenagers are suffering.1.2 The major issue in this report is the fact that depression in youth is affecting one-fifth of the youth in our society and still is being unnoticed, under-diagnosed or ignored. This report will also cover the fact that teenagers are becoming more and more depressed. Every year there is a steady increase in the number of teenagers that are becoming depressed.1.3 Many conclusions have been reached through much research on the Internet, in books, study of documents and other reports, and contacts by phone. A phone interview with a kids help line counsellor gave excellent insight into many issues. This report will cover, all findings and research found through this phone conversation and from other sources of information, and common questions that are constantly asked about the mental Illness depression.2.0 In Australia, 15% of youth are depressed, which has increased significantly in the last two years. In the U.S. 20% of youth are depressed. In both countries, the majority of depressed youth are female. Australia is quickly catching up to the U.S. in terms of the amount of depression occurring in teenagers. Depression in adolescents is emerging as the biggest public health challenge facing the Australian community.2.1 During the year 2000, Kids Help Line counsellors responded to 11,500 counselling calls from young people who named Queensland as their location. Given that 40% of callers chose not to reveal their location, this figure maybe a significant understatement.During the same period of time, young Queenslanders made 11,297 non-counselling calls to Kids Help Line. These callers phoned to chat with counsellors, seek information and project material, or "check out" the service.2.2 In the same year, 74% of calls from Queensland were of a nature that no referral was required. A small proportion, 9%, of these young people had a contract with their counsellor to call them again for further counselling. Kids help line help thousands of kids every year, the number of kids calling kids help line has been charted into each different state (See appendix A).3.0 The teenage years are often a...

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