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Youth Entrepreneurship: A Viable Option For Economic Development

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UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, JAMAICAFaculty of Education and Liberal StudiesSPECIAL TOPICS IN BUSINESS EDUCATIONEDU4003Submitted byRamonia Brown ID# 1001010Sasha Davy ID# 1004868Shelanni Edwards ID# 1104183Christina Gordon ID# 1000347Sharon Lee ID# 0410409Ancelia Powell ID# 1005651Sheneyl Ruddock ID# 1000058LecturerMr. Steven WallderIn partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Bachelor in Education DegreeNovember 29, 2013ThemeYouth Entrepreneurship: A Viable Option for Economic DevelopmentBusiness Education Rationale: To produce young people with the requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for the successful promotion and operation of business ventures.Secondary School Curriculum Mona EntrepreneurshipYouth Entrepreneurship Strategy Lee and Powell throughJunior Achievement Ruddock Jamaica Youth Business Trust Shelly National Center for Youth Development Chrissy Young Entrepreneurship Association of Jamaica Sasha Organizations such as I am getting ready to start 4 th form, will be out of school in the next two years. But my parents may not have it to send me to university and everyday you hear that there are no jobs available. How can I help to myself and my country? Organizations such as Organizations such as Programs such as by modifications to the According to theOverviewThis report will seek to propose Youth Entrepreneurship as a viable option for spurring growth and development in Jamaica. The argument will be supported by researched facts on the benefits of introducing entrepreneurship to youths especially at the secondary level, and by the various organizations that assist young entrepreneurs.IntroductionEconomic growth refers to an increase in the real output of goods and services in a country. Growth relates to a gradual increase in one of the components of Gross Domestic Product: consumption, government spending, investment, net exports while is an increase in living standards, improvement in self-esteem needs and freedom from oppression as well as a greater choice. (Michael Todaro)Jamaica was one of the world's slowest-growing economies in the last four decades. In the 2000s, Jamaica's average real GDP growth ranked 180th out of 196 countries. Jamaica's ranking in terms of average real GDP growth continuously deteriorated during 1960-2008 (Ian Bowen)Some indcators of growth and development in a country are, increased gross domestic product increased per capita income, lowering of illiteracy etc. Two recent studies by federal reserve economist in the United States of America showed education attainment as the strongest driver of per capita income and overall output. Business education is one area of education that deserves particular attention. It is imperative that the workforce is properly grounded in the fundamentals of business and that training begins from an early stage.(Vivia Clarke)Entrepreneurship can be defined as a mindset and practice of looking and acting upon opportunities for economic and or social benefits...

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