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There is something contagious out there in your youth groups, hopefully, which needs to be identified and harnessed. This is the infectious power of your youth's love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Who do they infect outside of their youth group? I think the biggest group affected by youth ministry is the parents. Just as it is there primary job to lead their student in the way of the Lord, they are one of the most highly affected groups when it comes to youth ministry. Every day with a youth brings a new experience to the table; a new trial or test that can deepen or weaken a teenager's hold on their security blanket of religion. Parents learn from their parenting mistakes, they grow; they develop new strategies to take new ventures. Who are the primary people who affect parents? Their youth.The Youth Pastor is affected by the youth ministry. If their group is growing and becoming more "like Christ" than the Youth Pastor will be encouraged and will be a nice guy to talk to. If their group is a bunch of bums who have no direction and youth group is nothing more than a hangout, it directly correlates to how the Youth Pastor is leading and hard the Youth Pastor is going to have to work to turn it around. Too often youth ministry also becomes about numbers and too many times a youth pastor is let go because their church is playing the "numbers game" (Fields, First Two Years of Youth Ministry) The Church Staff and membership is affected by youth ministry. Bryan Gott was quoted saying "Youth Ministry is still the "Evil-stepchild" of the church." I think this is a clever way of putting it. Just like the model of the one-eared Mickey Mouse, (Dean & Foster, Godbearing Life 29-31) it is too often that we find churches that want nothing to do with their youth and will pay them off in assurance that they will be out their hair. The Church Staff and membership are affected in both ways. They will be affected if your group is doing well or your group is doing poorly. If your youth group is...

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861 words - 3 pages develop and activate a balanced youth program.1. This purpose must be supported by a Bible-centered philosophy.2. This purpose also must be executed with sound methods; the key is balance.II. The People in the Youth Ministry are what makes the ministry possible.A. The Pastor plays a key role in the ministry to the young people.1. The Pastor should be involved with the youth as much as possible.2. The Pastor and youth pastor should discuss and

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1774 words - 7 pages Leaders and DiscipleshipIntroductionThe leadership and discipleship in the youth ministry has been declining do to the neglect of traditional Christian morals. Once leadership and discipleship is implemented correctly back into the youth ministry, the very foundation in which faith is founded on will become the muscle for the youth ministry in which it will stand. When consulting in God rather than man things work more properly. For God is all

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2631 words - 11 pages Changing the Image of the Youth Minister For the past twenty years, the average tenure of youth ministers has been disgustingly short. “Fifteen hundred Youth Pastors leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, getting a better paid position, spiritual burnout, or contention in their churches” (Krejcir 1). What factors are causing this? Do they have commitment issues? Do the senior pastors not trust them? Do they see the job as a

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1681 words - 7 pages compensation, must be clearly defined. In many churches, ministry positions needing volunteers have no such definitions. The recruiting model’s effectiveness depends on its ability to disciple “on-the-job.” If this fails, the prospective volunteer is left with little discipleship wither before or after he was recruited, leaving him with no idea of what to expect. This has happened in many youth ministries where great discipleship programs were designed

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3384 words - 14 pages husband-father-master, the wife-mother, the children, and the servants. Our motivation for family ministry is in response to the biblical insights that families are the key to nurturing faith in children and youth. Our approach to family ministry is governed by Jesus' teaching and example. From him we learn to appreciate both the positive potential and the valid limitations of family life.Just as Jesus enjoyed the warmth of family gatherings in the

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1940 words - 8 pages adolescent learners. Journal Of Youth Ministry, 2(1), 57-70. Krych, M. A. (2006). Church snapshot: Recruiting and training volunteer teachers. Clergy Journal, 82(5), 19-20. Peers, L. P. (2009). From stressed to blessed: A conversation for recomposing volunteer service in the congregation. Congregations, 36(4), 22-26. Severe, M. K. (2006). The pac-man syndrome: The missing congruence of philosophy and practice in youth ministry. Journal Of Youth Ministry, 4(2), 75-104. Smith, M. F. (2005). Recruiting and maintaining a corps of volunteers isn't easy. Executive Speeches, 19(6), 28-31.

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1259 words - 5 pages order to overcome them. The Church’s challenge lies in guiding youth to allow God and faith into their lives knowing they will help ease these troubles. The challenge of teaching and demonstrating the presence of God in peoples like is met by Youth Ministry Teams who create a whole network of people that share the same values and beliefs. Through this the Catholic Church is addressing the needs of Youth Culture and meeting this significant


1020 words - 5 pages Spiritual Formation Autobiography Although I was technically not born into a Christian family, my parents were saved when I was just age 3 and dedicated their lives to fulltime ministry. At age five I moved with my family to Knoxville, Tennessee to live and serve as missionaries on a church camp. We remained there for a short time before my father heard the call to become a pastor. We moved to Texas where my dad then graduated from seminary. The

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846 words - 3 pages service to monthly magazines. Through liaison agents the Hitler Youth Propaganda Office had permanent contact with Dr. Goebbels' Propaganda Office and with the Ministry of People's Enlightenment and Propaganda. The Hitler Youth organization published a series of magazines including Youth and Homeland, The Young World, The German Girl and Girls Your World. Another magazine, Will and Power, was produced for HJ leaders and female guardiansGirls at the

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952 words - 4 pages Description Describe what you are recording about. Identify whether it was a journal paper, book chapter; practice observation; taught theory; lecture or other. In an interview with Peter who is employed as youth worker in the youth ministry of his church. (Peter has asked that he and his youth club remain anonymous as he has given his personal thoughts and feeling) I asked Peter as a youth worker if he and his church would be a welcoming

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1119 words - 5 pages instead seen as having intrinsic value in its own right. (Ellyat, 2008) These contrasting approaches result in differing early year’s provision from country to country. As previously suggested The United Kingdoms’ Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (Department for Education, 2012) and New Zealands’ Te Whãriki Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 1996) have differing ideas in their approach however further research indicates that they also

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1963 words - 8 pages In ministry it is important to note that the different people involved in your ministry will be at different stages of their spiritual growth. Having an awareness of your own personal theology will be important for how you go about teaching the students who are involved in your youth ministry. One part of personal theology is spiritual formation. Duffy Robbins states that spiritual formation is, “the growing into the likeness of Jesus” (448

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1422 words - 6 pages Greg Stier is the executive director, president, and originator of Dare 2 Share Ministries International as of 1991. Stier has instructed over 30,000 Christian adolescents around North America in how to live out their faith in confidence and with boldness. In 1997 he was the guest speaker at the Youth for Christ’s DC/LA events, and he revisited that speakership at Y2K the Fellowship of Christian Athletes forum. “Youth ministry became his full