Youth Ministry In Calvary Chapel Williamsburg

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The Youth Ministry’s Value Statement, which is a promise of values to be delivered and a belief from the Youth that value will be experienced, is comprised of:
Love: Ministry will show kindness, concern, and attention to others because Christ first loved the us; the Ministry.
Welcome: Ministry seeks to live as a distinctive community of faith in which one and all feel welcomed.
Excitement: Ministry strives to produce a setting that interests youth and their families. Spiritually: Ministry bases its programming on the groundwork of a mutual faith in Jesus Christ.
Leadership: Ministry encourages that all believers are gifted by the Spirit of God and blessed to serve within the body of Christ.
Growth: Ministry works to be enduring disciples who constantly are growing in faith.
Mission: Ministry shows its faith in precise, concrete deeds of service, mainly to those in need. Trust: Ministry encourages an atmosphere of recognition in which the countenance of truthful questions and a minority view is valued.
God-Based: Ministry seeks to become more and more like Chris, living out the fruits of the Holy Spirit, reminding themselves that God is the centerpiece in everything that the Ministry does. Discipleship: Ministry’s longing is to be grounded in the bases of our faith and to interconnect our faith well and positively with others.
Joy: Ministry is infectiously enthused about its faith that attracts others to be a part of our church family.

Step 2: Formulation of Objectives
The goals of this Youth Ministry are to empower young people to live as disciples of Christ; to draw youth to responsible participation in the faith community’s life, mission, work, and foster each young person’s personal and spiritual growth.
The following are five objectives of our Youth Ministry:
1) To work within the Goals and Vision of our Church, the goal of Youth Ministry, and to create a Youth community centered in Christ.
2) To create a well-rounded atmosphere of family based ministry for all 9th to 12th graders.
3) To offer opportunities to involve our youth in surrounding communities and Outreach Ministry.
4) To work in unity with current ministries to offer opportunities for individual development.
5) To offer opportunities for adults to participate within the youth ministry.

Step 3: Selection of Content
The Youth Ministry will extract its curricular messages that are have Scriptural content, have practical applications, can be graphically represented, and have the ability to be edited. One of the first things that we look for is material that has Scriptural content. Whether it is a course that teaches a chapter in a book of the Bible or a course that encompasses an idea, it requires to be well grounded in the Bible. It not only needs to be based on Scripture, but also Scripture must be the essential point of the lesson. Although drawings, pictures, and artworks are required, but Scripture always comes first and it is most imperative. This...

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