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Youth Sports Are Too Intense Essay

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Young athletes put in danger by the competition, aggressiveness, and intensity of sports. Kids everyday are being pushed past limits by coaches parents and fans. The intensity of sports has become so high they are causing mental and physical exhaustion. Sports like wrestling has kids eat different to either lose gain weight. Football player, Baseball player, and even cheerleader have to work out in extreme temperatures. Some kids involved in competitive sports have been taking weight lifting classes and even just conditioning. The youth are being put in danger due to how competitive, aggressive, and intense youth sports have become.
For example young athletes are being out in danger. The youth are being pushed past their limits and worked so hard it is becoming dangerous. Kids that all around struggle with what could become a mental or physical disabilities. Mitchell suggests “They are negatively affecting the physical and mental well-being of a child. Another danger to young athletes is playing conditions. Coaches and parents expect the best what ever the weather. Bergron states "young athletes have to train or compete in demanding environmental conditions multiple times on the same day.". "Children and young adults scents are less effective than adults in regulating body temperature." Adds Bergron. They are less tolerant and capable of performing well in extreme climates. There are many dangers young athletes pass up everyday due to the intensity of youth youth sports.
.In addition young athletes have become more aggressive. Kids that participate in competitive sports are becoming more and more aggressive and competitive the sports have become themselves. Mitchell reveals "traits like bullying and the need to dominate their opponents on and off the the field. They have become so aggressive they may be the reason for some kids in school, internet, and even on the field. They have become so competitive they may feel the need to make a everything a competition. They wouldn't only feel they have to win but the need to dominate. Mitchell says,"young athletes develop aggressive traits." Young athletes are often motivated by coaches parents and fans chanting "take em' down!" or "crush em'". That may not help with the fact they feel they need to win. The chants that come from parent, coaches, and fans are just one more way to prove that youth...

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