Youth Tribe: Pop Dancing Culture In Danso

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In this report, I chose to study the pop dancing culture in the Dancing Society in the University of Hong Kong (DANSO). The two main foci of this report is to investigate self-expression of members in DANSO and how their social relationship are structured. This report will begin by describing the background information about DANSO and the method of data collection. The two main focus of the study will then be presented based on the data collected.

Background of study
i. The Dancing Society (DANSO)
DANSO is the only dancing society in the University of Hong Kong. It was established in 1960 and was first named as Folk Dance Society as only teach folk dance initially. Since the ...view middle of the document...

In addition to interviews, direct observation of the daily practices of the DANSO team was done on 3 nights in the happy park.

The findings are divided into two sections regarding the two focus of this study.
i. Self-expression
For this part of study, I interviewed a DANSO member, Tracy, and had casual conversation with another member Yuki and Brian. Tracy is a mainland freshman. Her motivation of engaging in dancing practices came from the common value share with other members. ‘I think there are many people who desire for perfection, they just manifested in different ways.’ Tracy continued that she and her peers desire to be perfect in dancing and therefore their self-challenging spirit and perfectionism were applied on dancing. In order to achieve perfection, she and her peers attends frequent trainings and attempts to do some physical challenging dance movements and devotes time to achieve consistency in the team.
I asked how DANSO helped her to adapt life in Hong Kong and in the University. She thought that DANSO provide a space of attachment since her met her close friends there and she spent most of her time with the team. Dancing helps her to extend her social life in the University in Hong Kong.
When I asked how dancing can express a person. Tracy felt that some music exactly described her feelings and dancing intensified expression of her feelings without words. Dancing help her to attain deeper understanding of the music rather than simply listen to it.
Brian replied that dancing shapes one’s image. In order to attract people’s attention, dancers tried to create a charming image and be a focus in a crowd by distinctive dressing and exaggerated makeup, hairstyle and facial expressions.
Apart from how they dress up themselves, I observed that their dressing and dance movements also shape their masculinity and femininity. For example, the dressing emphasizes girls’ body figure and boy’s muscles. The dance movements of girls are usually emphasize on twisting their body smoothly while boys’ emphasize on showing muscle power by exaggerated locking actions and emphasizing beats and rhythm of music.

ii. Social relationship
In this section, I want to investigate how the social norm is constructed in DANSO and how sense of belongings is developed within the team through dancing. When I asked if felt proud of being a member of DANSO. She said that ‘everybody in Danso are outstanding. I...

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