Youth Violence Causes And Prevention Essay

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This is an age in which our youth is desensitized to violence and crime. Every day youths perform violent atrocities because society teaches them at an early age that they can get away with it. The community can stop these lessons of violence at home, in the schools, and by our legal system. Society needs to teach the youth of today that there are consequences to their behavior.Violence prevention starts at home. Strong parental guidance is the first thing that is needed to keep children out of trouble. All parents need to show strong love and affection to their children. This helps children develop respect and love for their parents. This love and respect helps parents influence their children. Parents should always try to "promote peaceful resolutions to conflict by being a good role model"(National Youth Violence Prevention). Parents should also try to make it easy for children to open up to them. When children open up to their parents, their parents need to respond lovingly and considerately so that the children are more likely to open up to them in a time of crisis, and be able to think through their actions instead of doing something rash. Children's environment should not be violent. Parents should strictly monitor the amount of violence their children are exposed to through the media. Violent movies, music, and video games directly influences the amount of youth violence at a given time. For example, after the movie Natural Born Killers was released "teenaged murderers around the world claimed to have been inspired by the movie"( National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center). If possible parents should also choose a safe neighborhood with a good school so that the amount of violence from the community is minimal. Most importantly, they need to limit the amount of violence in their own household. Parents need to work towards making their home a non-violent safe heaven for children and discourage all violent behavior. Now in the school systems our children's peers are teaching them that there are no consequences for anything they do. Consider this, when a five year old student does something wrong on the playground, the other students expect a teacher to punish him for this act. They believe that when they do something wrong, somebody will come punish them for it. They sit back and watch to see this child get punished, but "nothing happens" to the child ( Shanker 210). Then this child comes and brags about it, and earns the respect of the other children. Soon many children are acting like the first child and they are not afraid of punishment. If a teacher does not punish one child for doing something, what is that teacher going to do when all the students start to do that same thing? Teachers need to punish students for every wrong deed to show...

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