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This essay will focus on the main points of an article written by Rachel Brooks. The article centers on a wide description of young people and their political participation. More specifically, it involves around the fact that young people tend to show interest and to participate less in the political action than other age groups. Moreover, it focuses on young women’s willingness to express their selves politically, and the extent of their political engagement. It also emphasizes to the absence of gender, when it comes to political participation amongst the young age groups
Most of the survey results concerning young members of the European Union show that both young men and women tend to be politically apathetic. However, it is argued that the lack of social activities and voluntary work is two of the main reasons of young people’s inactive social cohesion and citizenship.
Young people and political engagement
Political engagement, as it is illustrated by the contemporary media, concerns the qualification of a moral label of a ‘good citizen’, the domain of voluntary work, watching the everyday news, taking part in activism, and voting. Nowadays, most of the books, articles, and press documents, present young people as political apathetic. This particular age group is failing in terms of civic and political participation e.g. voting in the elections, and it is considered as passive and disengaged. (Banaji, 2008, p.1&2)
According to Banaji (2008), nowadays political engagement and civic participation don’t appeal to young’s peoples general beliefs and activities, as they are viewed more as mandatory and less as maturity, citizen’s political agency, or sense of power and responsibility .
However, there is no evidence which proves that younger age groups in the UK are more involved and participating in civic debate and action than the older ones. Banaji (2008) argues that there is an assumption, that all these hypotheses above (young apathy, political disengagement, lack of citizenship etch.), are made in order to avoid and hide ongoing problems in civic and political contexts.

Absence of gender in terms of youth political participation
Considering the main points of Brook’s article (2008), there is a reluctance to separate young men and women when it comes to political engagement and activity. It is clearly reported that there is a notable absence of gender for this particular issue which needs more attention from the European policy. According to Buckingham, there are some broad generalizations in political interests in terms of gender, age and social class. Young boys and girls are conceived as a homogeneous group (Buckingham, 2000, p.71).
Nevertheless, the author argues that boys are more interested in politics and news, as comparing to girls. Moreover, girls show more apathy than boys towards political activity (Buckingham, 2000). Both of the above information refers to a distinction regarding the...

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