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Youtube: A Step Into A New Direction Towards The Future

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“YouTube is used by more adults than any other cable network” ( Therefore one person would not know that at least every person on earth at least views 140 videos in their life entire time; millions of subscriptions happen per day and YouTube partners make 6 digits a year (bullas 2012). From this one would believe that “the YouTube subscription pilot program has defiantly the potential to offer consumers a variety of channels…” (Cherdar, 2013). Therefore meaning that YouTube is becoming a TV. Channel would benefit the audience watching in many ways such as entertainment, provide opportunities for one to get discovered and would have a huge benefit of one having ...view middle of the document...

As a result, YouTube is not pulling people apart but is joining people together and creating a strong community thus benefiting the audience in entertainment for everyone.
Ever thought of that one dream of becoming discovered, making it big and having thousands of people enjoying and appreciating the work that you have created… of course you have, but nobody has ever believed that was possible for that one dream to come alive easily. Well now it is as possible as it can ever be. “More than 6 billion hours are watched on YouTube per month” ( This means that if the YouTube subscriptions program was aired then it would for sure go as a huge hit. Also this proves that that if 6 billion people are watching YouTube per month then in one year more than 72 billion hours would be watched, if thought about it that is opportunity knocking on your door. With the YouTube subscription program and YouTube joining together this would give the opportunity of a life time. “Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money”- Voltaire. Many people believe that in order to go big you have to have a high standard of quality which requires a lot of money and commitment, because in order to get quality you need to spend money, also because you spent the money now you need to be committed cause you do not want to waste it. However this can work, but why go through all of that effort. Just like Justin Bieber got discovered by putting up a home video on YouTube of him singing, this can be applied to you as well. He received millions of views; since YouTube is going to be aired from now on this will give you the chance of being aired, then becoming discovered. As a result making the YouTube subscriptions channel program even more superior then the website itself because it is providing even more opportunity than ever.
Money is a greed which is not necessary in order to be successful and happy, many people believe that it is everything, in reality success comes with effort and commitment not cash. But, “more than 1million people are making money from YouTube videos” ( But many people believe that in order to be able to make a successful and reasonable amount of money you need to have a professional job that is offline and requires a ton of effort and commitment. Although this may make sense but when looking into it is not entirely true. The truth is that in order to be successful you need to be passionate about your career. Many youtuber’s are passionate about their careers, from...

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