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You Tube Case Study

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With the expansion of digitalization, popular trends emerged with media outlets, such as YouTube. Since surfacing in 2005, YouTube is one of the most visited websites behind Google and Facebook (Cayari, 2011). As Newkirk & Forker (2007) notes, it was voted “invention of the year in 2006” by Time magazine. YouTube is free to the public sphere to publish media with few regulations. This space contains media in the form of music, advertisements, videos, lectures, tutorials, and personal video blogs. People utilize YouTube for personal, professional, and educational purposes. As Benkler notes, these tools enable the public sphere and “relies on the information and cultural production activity ...view middle of the document...

YouTube remains free to the public because the service is paid for through advertisements and mergers. The majority of advertisers are small businesses and use Google ad platforms. Additionally, YouTube offers a partner program, created in 2007 that allows creators to earn money from their videos (YouTube, 2014). Therefore, Google may not see a significant financial gain from the merger, the success of YouTube benefits Google’s attempt to gain traction with social networking.
There are no strict government regulations regarding YouTube; however, there are community guidelines that include obeying copyright laws, as well as not posting pornography and violence (YouTube, 2014). These guidelines are put in place protect the public interest. Newkirk & Forker discusses the challenges and multiple debates regarding copyright infringements on videos, music, and television shows. However, many communication organizations allow sites, such as YouTube, to display copyrighted audio and video material because it benefits the owner by “driving additional music sales or increasing show viewership” (2007, p. 5). Nonetheless, even with guidelines put in place there are still threats to intellectual property with non-regulated, open-source forums.
YouTube filled a need in digitalization for mass communication in the public sphere. Benkler discusses the implications of public production in relation to the networked information economy and that “the emerging networked public sphere offers significant improvements over one dominated by commercial mass media” (2006, p. 3). Although, there continues to be concern surrounding the regulation of this medium and copyright...

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