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The Phenomenon Of Non Advertising Advertisement Essay

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It has become universally understood that, as a North American society, the individual is constantly bombarded with advertisements. Flipping through television channels one is bound to see plenty of products flash before their eyes, billboards on busy streets provide one with images and information, and radio commercials, which have been around since the early 1900’s continue to persuade the listener into the purchasing of a specific product. The ability to reach an audience is found in an expanding number of places, but with the help of technology, it seems as though the consumers themselves are becoming the strongest advertising agents. This phenomenon of non-advertisement advertising has been recognized before, most widely understood is the concept that by wearing branded clothing on the body, one is further promoting the product. To discover how and why this appears to be branching out further and becoming a more powerful form of advertising, there are a few things that need to be looked into. Firstly, the strength of word-of-mouth and electronic word-of-mouth sharing has grown with the development of the widespread reach of social media sources. Along with this, consumer created content has grown in several related but distinguishable ways, inclusive of the strengthening of brand imaging by their inclusion in consumer created content, such as logo quizzes increasingly popular on smartphones, as well as by the skyrocketing of consumer generated advertising, where billion dollar companies directly ask the consumer to get involved.
Due to “rapid growth in the popularity of social media platforms”, the question as to “whether this phenomenon has reduced marketers’ control of branding” has been continually raised. As social media has brought a new way for customers to engage with their favourite, and least favourite brands, there is an evident potential for opinions to range in not just their tone, but in how many individuals, or millions of individuals, are effected by what is said. As the development of Web 2.0 is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, there is very little research in regards to how this technological growth is effecting consumer behaviour. To summarize recent research done at the Gdansk University of Technology, providing a background understanding to future suggestions and conclusions, the findings have demonstrated that “firm-created content does not appear to directly influence consumer perceptions of brand equity”. It does, however, “affect consumer attitudes toward brands…firm-created social media content can create a viral response that can assist in spreading the original advertising to a larger public”. The accessibility to a mass audience that social media provides is optimal for large companies in that they can produce ongoing brand awareness and improve their public brand attitudes. It appears as though the effect of social media is helping solidify consumer perceptions of brands, but is not yet...

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