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Yvain The Kinight Of The Lion

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Yvain the knight of the Lion, like most medieval tales is a coming of age story. The young, careless thrill seeking Yvain is transformed into a adult and a king that assumes responsibility while taking care of others. This transition can be credited on part to the Lion he encounters on his journey.
When first introduced to Yvain it is easy to tell that he is a young up and coming knight ready to make a name for himself. While hearing the story of his good friend, Calgrenant, being defeated by another knight he vows to avenge his fallen comrade. He seems more determined and eager than anyone else to go off to battle, however, his moment of pride is quickly met with ridicule by Sir ...view middle of the document...

It's now that you need to prove yourself! no one can call you Jealous. You shouldn't be lazy, But throw yourself into tournaments, Take on the world, and with pleasure, Whatever it costs you! Lying Around will change you for the worse. (2494-2507). Now with the fear of being seen as a coward weighing on him, Yvain feels the need to prove himself once again to his wife. She agrees to let him go on the condition that he returns no later than a year, warning him that "My love will turn to hate...And this Is the truth: I'll tell you no lies. You can break your word. I'll keep mine. (2564-2569). Yvain being the feeble minded, man-child that he is doesn't understand the importance of keeping is word, fails to return in time. It is clear that Yvain needs to be respected by others in order to be happy but he can only obtain that through brutality and fear. Whereas a true leader is respected for loyalty and responsibility.
On his journey Yvain first sees the lion, vulnerable and under attack by a snake. Yvain saves the poor lion; who shows it's gratitude by bowing to him. "And the lion Began to walk beside him, Determined never to leave, But always to go where he went, To serve and protect him."(3411-3415) When Yvain learns...

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