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Zack Olsen Period 2 Essay

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The holocaust was one of the low points in the history of mankind anywhere from 8,437,000 to 12,702,000 people were executed in the period of 1942-1945. That is killing 2,109,250 to 3,175,500 people a year! A majority of the people familiar with the Holocaust think that only Jewish people were persecuted when in fact there were many more groups of people, these groups included Slavs, Serbs, Soviet POWs, Romani people, colored people, the disabled, homosexuals, Freemasons, Spanish republicans, Gypsies, the mentally ill, and Jehovah's witnesses. These people were executed because they proposed a threat to the Great Nation, taking up space and land that Germany needed, were believed to be ...view middle of the document...

This strengthens my point not even the website that I'm required to use for information has all of the persecuted groups and that's a teacher's guide!
The Nazis singled out each group for a specific and strategic reason based upon their beliefs. They were definitely an awful group of people but they stuck to their beliefs like a postage stamp on an envelope. There were a few very brave people who wanted to stand up for their beliefs even if they contradicted the Nazi views. The allied forces was a main group to stopping the Nazi revolution with their armies and weapons, some individuals stood up against the Nazis and they paid the price but they were heard throughout the world. These actions included going to a concentration calm to suffer with his children patients, the White Rose group, and, Emanuel Ringelblum. Other armed resistance includes: the United Partisan Organization which was a Jewish group in the Ghettos and protected the Jews within. There were several plans to assassinate Hitler and end Nazi Germany.
After being selected as the Chancellor Hitler consolidated the Nazi parties' power("A Teacher's Guide) and him and his party quickly rose to power over the hurting and tattered post WWI Germany. Everything that he did was reaching for one common goal, to purify Germany. He did whatever he could to reach this goal he got all of Germany on board, killed anyone that didn't like it, and executed the threats to destroying his perfect country. For example, he took out all of the Slavs in one area because he needed more land for housing, he thought that mental and physical disabilities were genetic so he got rid of them to have as clean of a gene pool as possible, he killed people for not agreeing with his beliefs, he even killed people for not having the right hair, eye, or skin color!
Olsen 3
Hitler became as powerful as he was because he...

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