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WestJet is a successful airline company in Canada, it continues to expand their
business model in recent decades, therefore, one way to keep pace with the
decades is understanding the role of IT/IS in WestJet mission, operations,
strategies and processes respectively. For example, WestJet?s mission is providing
service to more international customers, which can be realized by share-code
with other companies. That mission cannot be achieve without IS supporting.
Moreover, Is/ IT is of central importance to WestJet strategies, which enhance
delivering innovative guest product and services. Besides, company operations?
and processes? value are added since IT / IS serve to the whole business of the
company. Therefore, the whole report describes and discusses the company?s
advantages, urgent issues and suggestions combined IT/non-IT with the
company business. The first section points out the WestJet strengths and issues,
the second part moves on to describe in greater detail of the suggestions.
Strengths and challenges:
According to the article, Customers definitely become beneficiaries from
WestJet's strong corporate culture. The main reason why it owns the most
admired, the second-most respected culture corporate titles are mainly derived
from the fact that West Jet pays one hundred percentage effort to customer
satisfaction and client experience, partly stemming from the fact that they use
buildings and employee slogans to bundle company's reward/reputation with
employees' responsibilities. Therefore, west jet's culture can act as a stepping
stone in increasing company growth and comparative advantages.
What follows is a description of the company's another advantage. In comparison
to other airline companies, IT division occupies a small fraction of the whole
WestJet . IT division in WestJet uses their own information system instead of
outsourcing IT to other companies to finish their work efficiently and
competently in technique aspects. It is doubtless believed to be a sort of driving
force in leading to WestJet advanced position around the world.
In addition, in the case of WestJet, the company hire consultants with short-term
contacts when they realized that challenges are serious and time to rush. The
consultant plays an important role in analyzing, diagnosing and suggesting the
company's urgent problems. Therefore, WestJet Company ensures that the whole
company's operations are on the right track or keep pace with the decade.
So far these paragraphs have focused on WestJet's advantages, the following
content will discuss the issues and suggestions to WestJet.
Firstly, Luftman(2000) pointed out that IT business alignment can add value to
the business processes. Therefore, it is an unavoidable trend for WestJet to
achieve IT alignment in recent two years , in order to move the whole company's
process to next stage.
Secondly, Luftman(2000) also addressed that communication mature is one of
the most important criteria to assess the...

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