Why Was Cleopatra Famous? Essay

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Why was Cleopatra Famous?
Known for her love affairs with some of Rome’s most famous leaders, and wanting to be worshipped as a goddess, associating herself with the goddess Isis Cleopatra was a famous powerful queen in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was born as Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator to Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V Tryphaena. She was born in 69 B.C.E in Alexandria, and later died there in 30 B.C.E.
Because of the time period in which Cleopatra lived not very much is known of her. In ancient times there was record keeping. Although many of the accounts written down were not preserved well enough to be available to this day.
Cleopatra comes from the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The dynasty was started by Ptolemy I. It lasted from 323 B.C.E to 30 B.C.E ending with Cleopatra. The Ptolemaic Dynasty was an ancient dynasty of Macedonian Pharaohs who ruled Egypt.
In 51 B.C.E after the death of her father, Ptolemy XII, 18 year old Cleopatra and her 12 year old brother Ptolemy XIII were in succession for the throne. Cleopatra and her brother married to keep the power within the family. They were to rule Egypt in unison sharing power of the throne. That changed in 48 B.C.E when Cleopatra was forced to escape to Syria after being dethroned by her brother who was told to do so by his advisers, Achillas and Theodotus.
Once in Syria and situated Cleopatra began constructing an army. She knew that an army alone wouldn’t get her power back. Cleopatra would need some outside help too to get the job done. She needed a powerful ally and Julius Caesar was just that person. She reached out many times to seek Julius Caesar’s support. After many failed attempts at getting his support he finally came through and agreed to help Cleopatra restore her power. This was only after she allegedly snuck into his palace wrapped in a rug and seduced him. A series of battles occurred before Cleopatra’s power was fully restored. Her brother Ptolemy XIII supposedly drowned in the Nile river. Next in line co-rule and marry Cleopatra was her other younger brother, Ptolemy XIV.
Julius Caesar was a Roman politician, dictator, and general. In 49 B.C.E Julius Caesar went to war with Pompey who was another head leader in Rome. Julius Caesar won civil war earning him dictatorship. He contributed to Rome by increasing the size of the Senate and alleviated some of their debt. Then he eventually got with Cleopatra.
Cleopatra gave birth to a baby boy fathered by Julius Caesar the following year in 47 B.C.E . They lived in Rome for two years in a palace. The glory came to an end when Julius Caesar was assassinated by Rome’s senators in 44 B.C.E. Since Cleopatra had as on with Caesar he would be next in line for the throne. That could only happen if Cleopatra’s sister and brother were no longer in the picture. To avoid a repeat of the incident with Ptolemy XIII and guarantee Caesarion spot on the throne she got rid of them. Cleopatra left the palace in Rome with her son Caesarion and went back...

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