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Zeffirelli And Luhrmann On Movies About Romeo And Juliet

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Two directors, (Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann), alike in dignity, forge a motion picture of splendid taste. One ancient view of love to one modern, from Shakespearean play it is based. From forth these remarkable lines, they say, is the moment true love is on display. The two star-crossed lovers make their haste, to say the words that in public disgrace. But, both these directors have their own view, on what they want love to mean to just you. Comparing, contrasting, how they differ, these films are both great, not one clear winner. Both serve a wealth of pure satisfaction. Get ready, get set, LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!
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It was quick, spontaneous, and not very sincere. Rather, the music would beg to differ. The background music bouncy and playful, even when Romeo was swinging from the tree. As the actors would draw near each other and begin necking and kissing “romantically” the music became more soft and graceful. As Romeo and Juliet finally had to part and leave one another the music became dreary and dark. Both Romeo and Juliet played the part very well, Zeffirelli wanted the actors to be the young children they are. Shakespeare would have applauded Zeffirelli for his fine creation, following the majority of the script, setting the time period in a renaissance period, and even the costumes were color coded and period accurate.
Baz Luhrmann composed a modern revival of the classic play to showcase the timeless tragedy that will never die. A motion picture sure to dazzle and expose to a younger generation. Luhrmann also used many tools to evoke a contemporary twist on the famous balcony scene unlike Zeffirelli. For one, there wasn’t a balcony, but automobiles, pools, and security cameras. Showing that love is enduring and doesn't need to be stuck in an ancient time period, even if it is written by Shakespeare. This scene was blurred by bright security lights of Juliet’s backyard; not as soft and lustrous as Zeffirelli’s. Set of by the blunderous Romeo, who clammered down the wall in a comedic fashion, dressed as Juliet’s knight in shining armor. Not as strenuous and taxing as a 1300s castle wall. Luhrmann also created a source of stress as the actors played hide and seek with the security guard cameras after falling in the pool and continuing as the nurse soon appears. Again, where is the balcony? What should have been the lovers first passionate rendezvous turned into what...

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