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When we are young, we dream and we know what our personal legend is, at that point in life everything is clear, we think that everything is possible, and we are not afraid of dream and wish the world for our lives. As time goes by, we let life interfere with the realization of our personal legend and this book and this class made me realize how important is that our legend happens in order to live a satisfactory life.
"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, chronicles the adventures of Santiago, a shepherd boy who has the life he had chosen and is happy with it until one night when he has a dream that speaks of a treasure buried in Egypt. Santiago following his dream sells his sheep herd and ...view middle of the document...

When I read “The Alchemist” for the first time, the reading confirmed many of my concepts of life, concepts acquires in my upbringing. Embodied on the novel, concepts such as perseverance, honesty, friendship, happiness, and love serve us as a guide for life. The hero shows us the importance to overcome any obstacle that gets in the path to complete our personal legend.
Okay Professor, that is not the real me, the real me thinks that “The Alchemist” is a book for kids and teenagers. I chose it for my project because I was already familiar with it and I thought that after taking this class, perhaps, I would be reading it under a different light, but in reality the epiphany that I was expecting reading the book for the second time did not happen. I read it the first time in 2005 or 2006. In that time I was working in Downtown and used the metrorail a lot. Those trips were long and I use the time to read. I read anything in a disorganized fashion, many best sellers, some romance but I always try to buy them cheap. Second hand stores are a good source of cheap books. When I finished the books I left them, in that time in the train, and now in any place for someone else to read it, so take this book and pass to somebody that maybe want to do their Zen Project based on it and may find more substance that what I found based in this book. The first time I read the book reminded me of the fables of Aesop or La Fontaine, a easy to read entertaining stories, with the difference that animals did not speak, ending with a moral or practical education that teach us that when we act badly we will pay the consequences.
Of course I am not a typical student, I am a mature woman with a few readings and some good and bad experiences in my back, however I think if I had read this book in my early youth I would had felt the same way I felt this time, it is fable with not talking animals. Still the fables that my my parents used to reinforce their lessons and using the ant as and example of how good behaviors are always...

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